Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My sister and I went out this Sunday for some brunch and since the day was so autumnal and beautiful, I thought it would be fun to shoot an outfit that I wore as it was rather autumn inspired and a perfect burgundy colour. The location was so perfect too.

I have bought a few key pieces that are on trend, including this burgundy faux leather skirt from Stradivarius and ankle boots in the same colour in snake print from Asos, both really versatile and easy to style for a bunch of different looks. I for example love wearing these boots with a black dress and a black coat just to make my outfit pop a little more.

Autumn-fashion-must-haves-2 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-6 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-7 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit

Also burgundy is a perfect colour for Autumn, I usually go overboard when it comes buying clothes in this colour so I need to make sure that I allow myself not only such traditional colours but also maybe a pop of white here and there just to keep my looks more interesting. I do like though how burgundy goes well with all the other colours and how it gives the outfit a more sophisticated edge.

Autumn-fashion-must-haves-1 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-8 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-5 Perfect Burgundy Autumn OutifitAutumn-fashion-must-haves-4 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-10 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-fashion-must-haves-11 Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit Autumn-Must-haves Perfect Burgundy Autumn Outifit

It’s a little cold in London at the moment, so I thought to pair with my black polo neck top from Asos and tan tights from Charnos Hosiery as I always wear tights in the colder weather however who says that you can’t make it work.

Do you guys have any favourite colours for this season that you enjoy wearing the life out of?



faux leather skirt from Stradivarius

snake print ankle boots from Asos

black polo neck top from Asos

tights from Charnos Hosiery

Zero UV Sunglasses


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