Brick Lane Sundays

You are probably wondering why I am talking about Sunday on a Friday however, if you don’t know what to this weekend, you may find this post resourceful and interesting. Well at least I hope you do!

London and its markets…I feel there are so many quirky markets in this City that it is impossible to get to know them all. This time I’m going to talk about Brick Lane market which takes place every Sunday.

I have been a frequent visitor of Brick Lane for many years now and the place is not what it used to be. Despite this, Sundays are still fun to go and browse through so many independent vintage stores. There are also food stalls offering homemade dishes from all around the world that suit any tastes.

I personally love Brick Lane Coffee shop and its one of my favourite coffee shops in East London. This is mainly due to their almond milk supply, comfy and creative space, vegan cakes and a super cute barista.Brick Lane used to be mainly underground and fun to go out to on any night of the week but somehow it has started to change over the recent years. Sundays remain the same though and if you are a vintage clothes lover then you should totally go.

And of course Brick Lane is famous for its bagel shops that have been open 24/7 for almost a Century or even longer J If you haven’t had a salmon cream cheese yet or even better Salty beef bagel, I suggest you do that as soon as possible. It’s world’s best hangover cure! All in all Sundays on Brick Lane despite its crowdedness are a great day out.

image10-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image11-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image12-940x1253 Brick Lane Sundays


image13-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image14-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image15-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image16-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image17-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image18-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image19-940x1253 Brick Lane Sundays

image20-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image21-940x840 Brick Lane Sundays

image22-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

image23-940x705 Brick Lane Sundays

Since its autumn and a Sunday I went for this burgundy jumper from Forever 21 and dark blue Jamie jeans from Topshop paired with my cut out boots also from Topshop.

You will be walking most of the day so make sure you are comfortably clothed. Once you get tired pop into the Exit Bar for a £5 selection of Happy Hour cocktails that goes on until 11pm – I always say it’s more of a Happy Day than Happy Hour!

Do you guys have any favourite markets in London? I will soon be talking about a few others that I also go to frequently.

As always share your thoughts in the comment section below. X



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