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Lunch in the City can be rather daunting if you don’t know your way around finding that perfect lunch spot can be a real mission. Most people have their lunch between 1-2pm and at this time, City turns into a hustle and bustle of people rushing around buying their salads and sandwiches. This said you can imagine how many sandwich shops, café bars and fast food outlets there are and if this is something you like, you will be spoiled for choice. There is a Pret A Manger in particular on every corner filled with queues of hungry businessmen.

However Pret and similar places usually charge extra pennies should you wish to sit inside and enjoy your lunch, and I don’t think that anyone can actually enjoy their lunch in Pret, no offence!

Spending 8-9 hours per day in an office will make you want to go outside and get some fresh air for that hour, so I have found a perfect spot for you. St Kathryn’s Dock located on the left from Tower Bridge has a lot to offer.

This place is one of those places in London where when you come to it, you feel like you are not in London anymore. There are quite a few such spots spread across the City and it can be a real fun adventure discovering them all.

image6-940x705 Lunch in the City

image1-940x705 Lunch in the City

image7-940x705 Lunch in the City

image8-940x705 Lunch in the City

image9-940x705 Lunch in the City

image10-940x705 Lunch in the City

image19-940x705 Lunch in the City

St Kathryn’s Dock played an important part in London’s history, and it offers a haven of tranquility in the heart of the City. There are plenty of restaurants where you can have your lunch, but I and Siobhan wanted to stay outside as it was quite warm for this time of year. We opted for Tom’s Kitchen Deli, the food is so delicious here and won’t hurt the bank. I had a salmon and artichoke salad and Siobhan had a small pot of pesto pasta, it was lovely and highly recommended. I’ve taken a couple of pictures to show you guys, however, I have no idea why I didn’t photograph my salad open. Perhaps I was too hungry.

image12-940x1253 Lunch in the City

image13-940x705 Lunch in the City

image15-940x705 Lunch in the City

image14-940x1253 Lunch in the City

image17-940x705 Lunch in the City

image16-940x705 Lunch in the City

image18-940x1253 Lunch in the City

Please visit St Kathryn’s Dock when you get a chance regardless of whether you work in the City or not, it certainly offers a peek into the history of my favorite City in the world.

Do you have any favourite lunch places where you are?




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