Casual Style Kinda Day

Happy Monday! I decided to go more with a casual style this week as I don’t think I do it enough on the blog. Typically I’m an epitome of a casual style day to day with a flair for dressing up on the weekends. However, causal style is where I feel the most comfortable. 

You guys know also how obsessed I am with the off the shoulder trend and this top that comes with a matching choker from Chic Wish really inspired me to create this look. Although I say the casual style is everything, I’m still wearing heels but I really love how I feel when I wear heels which really helps when I shoot my looks. It’s all about confidence people so do whatever gets you there 🙂
Also, I wear trainers every day to work so I love the opportunity to take my heels out for a spin, I take it especially when they look this cool.

Casual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-6-1 Casual Style Kinda Day Casual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-12 Casual Style Kinda Day Casual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-15 Casual Style Kinda Day

About the look, as mentioned my white off the shoulder top is from Chic Wish and I’m really into their clothes at the minute. I decided to wear my old pair of Topshop Girlfriend baggy jeans with ripped knees. I love how comfy they are plus this pale acid wash denim is everything. Unfortunately, I got them a few years back and they aren’t available any longer but I selected a few similar styles so make sure you switch off your add block to view the links.

Casual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_ Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-3 Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-4 Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-5 Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-8 Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-9 Casual Style Kinda DayCasual-Outfit-Kind-of-Day_-11 Casual Style Kinda Day

My shoes are from Daisy Street also stocked on Asos and accessorised with a Valentino Rock Stud and my latest and currently favourite Celine shades.

This look is casual style look is perfect for brunch and even a date and if it makes you feel more comfortable just add a pair of cool sneakers and you are ready to rock. My favourite option would be Adidas Original Superstar White and Black Trainers.

What do you guys think of my casual style?

Tania xxx



  1. Kierra

    Your denim is so cute, I love the raw hem!
    xx, lavishingg

  2. Tamara

    Such a chic and laid back look! Those jeans are fab!

    Have a great week gorgeous!


    Tamara –

  3. This is a such a gorgeous casual look Tania! The cut of that shirt is so flattering, I love it!

  4. Adore this casual style on you lovely lady!! The OTS top from Chic Wish is gorgeous and I love how you’ve matched it with the ripped jeans! Such a cool look! Also obsessing over those shoes, THEY’RE AMAZING! XXX

  5. /

    I love casual Mondays, at least then you don’t need to spend so much time in front of the wardrobe 🙂 White off shoulder and jeans combination looks chic! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  6. sister tales

    This is a seriously cool shirt, I literally thought there was some see through material connecting the off shoulder shirt with the choker but no! Totally off the shoulder! Such an awesome unique shirt! So glad I stopped by and met your blog 😀
    xoxo, simona and indre

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