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Happy Wednesday! We are half way through the week so obviously, it’s time for another cool restaurant recommendation and this week I’m super excited to share our dinner at JinJuu, a modern Korean food restaurant located in my favourite Soho location, Kingly Street.

JinJuu also has a restaurant in Hong Kong so hopefully I can recommend it to my lovely readers on the other side of the world. Aside from being well known for having a celebrity chef, Judy Joo, JinJuu is also famous for serving traditional Korean street food at the next level, so if you are a lover of Kimchi, Pajeon Pancake or any other dishes such as Korean fried food, I think you won’t be disappointed by their offering.

JinJuu-6 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu_ JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

JinJuu’s menu offers a real good selection of Korean food including Anju which is also known as the food you eat while you drink, think tacos; sharing food platters and full signature dish menu. Which is what we opted for.  We started with Kimbap which is fresh seasonal vegetables, straw potato and perilla leaf, rolled in white rice and nori. Spicy chilli mayo on the side, all the dishes arrived in pairs which was nice as usually restaurants give you 3 pieces like dumplings, for example, to share between two people, which in whole honesty really annoys me.

JinJuu-8 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-11 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

Sae-Woo Pops Crispy fried round prawn cakes served on sticks, addictive creamy gochujang mayo on the side, followed and were served with a signature sauce, this dish was so delicious that I had to break my gluten-free food eating habits for it.

JinJuu-9 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

Korean Fried Chicken Slider Golden fried chicken thighs, the signature sauces, mayo, & crispy iceberg lettuce tossed into a bun was the next dish and it was out of this world. We were quite full by this point however, we still had 2 dishes in our starters including Trio of Jinjuu Mandoo Juicy steamed beef & pork mandoo, vegetable mandoo and crispy short rib & kimchi mandoo served with soy dipping sauce and Jap Chae Traditional stir-fried sweet potato noodles mixed with seasonal vegetables & egg. I definitely recommend you go for the signature menu too as you will get to experience and taste the food in the best way.

JinJuu-10 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant SohoJinJuu-12 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-13 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

Before you think we were done, let me assure you that those were only starters, as for our mains I had Sea Bream Grilled sea bream fillet, Yuja pickled cucumbers, jalapeno glaze, tempura king prawn ginger & spring onion salad & Asian aromatics and Monique went for Jinjuu Beef Tasting Plate Braised short rib, marinated beef fillet skewer, crispy straw potato, garlic chips, grilled vegetables, basted with our jinjuu soy glaze. Served with kimchi béarnaise & watercress salad, which made me feel little jealous as I love beef.

JinJuu-15 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-16 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-14 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

Dessert was the highlight, though, especially Snickers Hotteok Flat Korean doughnut stuffed with salted caramel & roasted peanuts, peanut parfait, chocolate ganache, praline & Nutella powder which are all of my favourite things on one plate, I swear I inhaled it. Monique had
Apple Pie Mandoo Cinnamon sugar, maple yoghurt which looked super cute. We had a glass of red wine each to drink and quite a bit of sparkling water as, as you an imagine, is not as easy to eat all of this food. The menu came at £38 per person which is such a good value considering the amount of food we received.

JinJuu-18 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-17 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-7 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

We were seated right next to the window which was nice and entertaining as people watching in Soho is the best. DJ started playing around 8pm so the atmosphere at the bar was perfect. They have a downstairs which is mainly restaurant area however, most people eat upstairs in the bar area as its quite nice. You also have the option of eating your food outside on their terrace which is perfect on a good weather day.

JinJuu-5 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-3 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-2 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho JinJuu-19 JinJuu Korean Food Restaurant Soho

I hope you guys love my pictures and not judging me too much for all the amount of food I ate. I definitely recommend you give JinJuu a try if you like Asian food and find yourself in Soho. Until next week.

Tania xxx



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    I’m a huge fan of Korean food. I was about to eat at JinJuu last June whilst I was in London but sadly, it was fully booked! And I was too hangry to wait for 40 minutes to eat. Great review! x


    • the london thing

      Yaay I’d love to meet you and show you London babe!!! xxx

  2. This all looks so delicious Tania, I LOVE Korean food! Those noodles look so amazing.

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    Asian food always look so colorful and every bite makes you feel like you are eating something so healthy but so yummy. Your photos are so stunning, it’s as if I could taste the food in my mouth just by looking at them. Thanks for sharing!


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    Food looks so delicious, I love Asian cuisine and I can’t say no to prawn cakes! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. Irene

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


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    Jinjuu is one of my favourites for a satisfyingly hearty meal paired with delicious cocktails! And those desserts though… x

  7. lilirose

    everything looks so delicious!!
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    I love Korean food and I must say your food photos are just mouth watering. The ambience of this place is pretty cool too <3

    xoxo Eva | http://www.evakindles.com

  9. Hello from Hong Kong! JinJuu is definately one of the hip-korean restaurants in Hong Kong! I had no idea they have one in London, which looks amazing!
    If you ever visit Hong Kong, highly recommend you try a Korean weekend brunch (brunch is a big thing in Hong Kong….) –>MOMOjein<–
    Full review of my brunch visit in my website! =)

  10. I love Korean food, like to visit this restaurant next time in December when we visit Monique!

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