How to deal with colder days

December is nearly here and with it come colder days. We were so lucky to have a mild weather here in the UK as it only got colder this past weekend. Well, I didn’t want to talk about the weather all days but to share how I deal with colder day. If you saw my last post you may know that I suffer from the seasonal affective disorder and each year around this time, I need to employ a strategy that helps me to better deal with colder days and mood swings.

So in this post, I wanted to share my top 3 tips that can help you deal better with colder days and help ease up on your SAD.

The most important is to invest in new cozy knits and comfortable but cute clothes. Think UGGs, chunky knits, corduroy (this season at least), teddy coats and over the knee boots. This is the first time where I started adding a lot more color to my basics such as jumpers and coats. I bought so many knits during the Black Friday sale that my wardrobe looks like a rainbow. The only annoying thing is that the chunky oversized jumpers tend to take a lot of space in your wardrobe but cute but warm outfits motivate me to leave my house. I’m wearing a bright red jumper today and it helps brighten my day a little. I’m also super into my loungewear this season so anything that can help me feel more comfortable, I find helpful.

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The second tip is to brighten up your room and space where you spent the most time in. I say this as its quite important to get in as much light in as possible. If you are not able to invest in a SAD lighting system, here is one of my favorites,  make sure you have lighter curtains in your room and a bright lamp near your bed. You can switch the lamp on as soon as you wake up and this should help to get you going. Bright light really helps to light the mood and make you feel more energized so it’s important to surround yourself with as much light as possible. I can also recommend Vitamin D supplements as regular intake can help you feel happier and it even keeps flu at bay. Vitamin L light really helps with boosting your energy and motivation so maybe you can add them to your Christmas list if you don’t want to get it yourself.

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Lastly, schedule at least 1 workout per week as exercise is the most powerful cure for depression and feeling down. I think this should be a number one but if you are like me and put shopping and clothes above most things, you can then relate. I also struggle to motivate myself but since I went twice last week I feel motivated this week to go 3 times and I’m about to hit the gym as soon as this post goes up. I felt better straight away even after the first workout and I’m so happy that muscles have memory so it won’t take me too long to get myself back to normal and tone up.  As you know regular exercise boosts serotonin and other endorphins in your body making you feel good and it’s better than any antidepressant medication. I really find it helpful when I aim to start small and gradually increase my gym activity as in the past, I would set 5 sessions a week and barely make one. However, if I say to myself go once at least, I find myself going more often. The most important thing is not to add any pressure on yourself especially during this period. You need all the energy you can get to help you deal with colder days and mild depression that comes with it. Also the gym is a great place to meet cute boys which can be a great workout motivator.

I hope you like my tips! It’s important to remember to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible no matter what form it comes in and be kind to yourself. Everything else eventually falls into place.

I’m wearing the entire look by Zara!

Happy Monday everybody.

Tania xxx



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    Great tips Tania, it’s such a difficult time of year. Love your jumper and outfit. The skirt is super pretty! Hope you have a nice week.

    Gemma x

  2. Candice

    Some great tips, I prefer cold then hot days I just can’t function in the heat.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Adore the location, it looks so cute!! Love love love the jumper, you look amazing!!

    Tash xx

  4. /

    Oversize sweater is definitely the best item for cold days <3

    xoxo, lin

  5. Minah Lynn

    Sweaters are really cool in cold weather.Thank you for the advice. They are really helpful!

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