East London Inspired Outfits

Having lived in East London for the past 8 odd years, my style has adopted its ways. I love the freedom of expression that this part of London offers and I thought this would be a good choice for my post.

As my friend said back to the 80’s with this number! This is my Saturday underground rave outfit.  Jeans are Girlfirend Jeans from Topshop and I got them for £15 in the sale, cropped Let’s Get Lost top from Asos, ankle socks H&M and shoes areTopshop. Wear a cropped leather Jacket to give this outfit even more edge.

IMG_2765 East London Inspired Outfits

IMG_2764 East London Inspired Outfits

IMG_2763 East London Inspired Outfits

IMG_2764 East London Inspired Outfits

This is another East London inspired outfit and I love the red lip print, all of my friends know how much I’m obsessed with red lips. This skirt makes the outfit and I got it from Topshop for £6…Bargain!!! Paired with boots from Topshop, ankle socks from H&M, top is Asos I think this outfit is good for a night out in Dalston and dancing the night away in one of the trendy hotspots. Keep it trendy keep it casual! 

This picture is taken in Hoxton Square as I quite often hang out around this area and in one of my future posts, I will select few hotspots that are my favourite in East London.

IMG_2768 East London Inspired Outfits

IMG_2767 East London Inspired Outfits

IMG_2766 East London Inspired Outfits



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  1. Nice body! All outfits look good on you! You carried them so well!

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