Cool things to do in London this August

I thought to write this post and select few cool things to do in London this August.

So if you haven’t decided where to go this weekend, I have the best idea for you. It’s all about the HYDE this Saturday. I hear all the cool kids are heading to the Roundabout for a dose of sick groves. This is definitely number one cool thing to do this month.

This amazing event taking over Old St Terrace in the middle of the iconic Silicon Roundabout, will bring you may be the last chance you’ll ever get to party at this monumental location for a one off special event.

The venue is opening its doors for its last time so you can enjoy day & night party that will bring you the state of the art grooves, friends old and new, and a location you’ll be telling people about for years to come.



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*** Tim Ross ***

*** Yakir Gillis ***

oldstreet Cool things to do in London this August



If you are looking for a quiet after work drink or a good catch up with your friends during the week, this would be a perfect spot for you. This little Mexican corner nested on Great Eastern Street in Shoredich offers Londons Best tequila based cocktails and vast variety of spirits as well as an extensive wine list. Let me tell you this place is not for you guys clearing away from alcoholic beverages as Casa Negra’s pride is frozen margaritas. My personal favorite Frozen Spiced Mangot Margarita, yuuum

This is also another cool place to go to in London this month.

Casa-negra-1 Cool things to do in London this August

Now this is my old time favorite place in Shoreditch. Book clubs has the nicest crowd and if you are on the pull don’t shy away from this unique Shoreditch hotspot. I recommend having few frozen margaritas at Casa Negra followed up with G&Ts at The Book Club…Good looking people, awesome tunes and great atmosphere, this little gem has it all. It’s advisable to arrive before 9pm to avoid long wait on the door and a cover charge. The Book club is always a fun night out!!

the-book-club Cool things to do in London this August


Core Bar in the City of London is the typical city bar full of bankers and brokers. It’s somewhat vibrant and spread over two massive floors, one of which later on in the evening turns into a lively dance floor. Core would probably not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like the place as you can always count on a good happy hour and a city bachelor to pay you a complement. I am recommending it due to its atmosphere and cool interior and it’s a great pit stop for after work drinks during the week.

Core-bar- Cool things to do in London this August


Oh I love Madisons for its sleek crowd and panoramic views of one of my favourite landmarks in London. This place is great for drinking before you go to a club, it’s also an awesome spot for a date and it can be rather romantic during the sunset. Wines start at £5…bargain and you can always rely on seeing some good looking people. Dressing up and taking your Chanel and Loubs out is highly recommended.

madisonedit Cool things to do in London this August



Sushi Samba…I just had to!! A Perfect spot for a date or a night out on the town with the girls. Located on the 38th and 39th floor of Heron Tower in the City of London, this little gem will leave you breathless. The amazing panoramic views of London can remind how amazing this city actually is. This place is typical splash the cash and I would recommend treating yourself to a night out after the pay day. I can highly recommend Yuzu Scallops, Wagyu Tataki and Tuna Tataki, also anything from their Nigiri and Sashimi menu is to die for! Go on…treat yourself it sure is a great experience. 

sushi-sambdaedit Cool things to do in London this August


I only have one word for Hawksmoor and that is ahhmaazing! If you are a steak lover like me then I cannot recommend Hawksmoor highly enough. On top of this great offering they have the friendliest service that there is, worth every penny 😉

Go to this restaurant if you wish to satisfy your carnivores’ side! On the other hand Hawksmoore bar is great for a late snack, cocktail list is rather extensive and will satisfy most of the tastes. This place is definitely a must in August.

Hawksmoor- Cool things to do in London this August


Art Exhibition of the month is 512 hours is my exhibitions of choice for July, just because it will leave you wondering what the hell just happened! Based in the Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, this exhibition is not for anyone that will feel awkward after touching or being touched by a random stranger. Stephanie and I thought that this would be a fun thing to do on a quite Saturday afternoon and after strolling through beautiful Kensington Gardens we made our way to Serpentine Gallery. The queue was not as long as expected, mainly due to the fact that it was a miserable rainy afternoon. We waited for about 5 minutes and after leaving our jackets, bags and other belongings into a locker we entered a quiet zone. It was one of the rare experiences where if you allow yourself, you will feel the energy vibrating through the room filled with strangers. The exhibition was spread across 3 rooms with Marina Abramovic wondering around and randomly selecting gallery attendants to touch, stare and with closed eyes allow themselves to drift away. We decided to sit down for a while, put the silent headphones on and stare at the wall with some others visitors. If you are feeling brave then also allow the gallery staff to blindfold you and maneuver you to a random spot in the room filled with strangers and later you can observe others reactions when doing this. There were many others observing and admiring the obedience of complete strangers and it’s fascinating to watch. If you are looking to take a break from trying to understand your typical or stereo-typical modern art exhibitions, this is a place to come. It is a cool concept that will leave you questioning your previous art experience. Just be prepared to leave social conformity at the door. 
IMG_2538-620x607 Cool things to do in London this August

Marina Ambramovic


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