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When my friend who now lives in Spain called, I thought it would be appropriate to grab a coffee in one of my favourite Cafes Fernandez and Wells in Soho. Based on the Beak Street (click HERE for the map) these guys are not kidding about their coffee and I would definitely recommend you guys pop in there if you are in the area.

They own 6 branches in total including the tapas style restaurant just around the corner on Lexington Street. If you click HERE, it will take you to their website where you can access more information about their other branches.

Fernandez and Wells, Beak Street offers range of sandwiches, cakes and amazing coffee made with their own blend of single origin beans which makes their coffee so amazing. I’m definitely a coffee person and a big fan of strong smooth blends and these guys got it just right for my taste.

IMG_2176-940x671 Fernandez and Wells Soho

IMG_2170-940x705 Fernandez and Wells Soho

IMG_2169-940x1175 Fernandez and Wells Soho

This café is also a great spot for brunch and aside from the delicious sourdough baps and baguettes, it’s quite cosy and the staff are really polite. I opted for a tuna bap and soya Americano and loved it. If you are a coffee lover than please do visit one of Fernandez and Wells branches as I’m quite sure that you won’t be disappointed with the taste. In addition, coffee as well as food is well priced so it won’t hurt your pocket.

IMG_2172-940x705 Fernandez and Wells Soho IMG_2175-940x671 Fernandez and Wells Soho IMG_2166-940x529 Fernandez and Wells Soho IMG_2163-940x529 Fernandez and Wells Soho IMG_2162-940x705 Fernandez and Wells Soho IMG_2161 Fernandez and Wells Soho

Are there any favourite Cafes that you guys love and that I should visit? Please leave a comment.

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