Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

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This week I have a very cool post and I would recommend you guys do it, if you get a chance. I have actually been trying to see Guy’s Bourdin exhibition for ages now and finally managed to book tickets. The show is still available at the Somerset House and it will run until 15th of March 2015 (if you click HERE you can get further information about it)

Photography was allowed inside as long as I didn’t use a flash and I have taken a bunch of my favourite Guy Bourdin images to show you guys.

Guy Bourdin is a French photographer. Well actually he stared as a painter and one of his first exhibition showcased his own drawings and paintings. There was a separate room at the Somerset House showing some of his earlier drawings in paintings and more of his original work is shown at the Galerie located on Rue de la Bourgogne in Paris which I will make sure I go to next time I’m there.

15691292113_aa44b1ca3b_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16123628058_ea31aa068b_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16123630138_be104e0710_h Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16311179655_7fc1d83e83_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

His first fashion photographs were published in the 50s in French Vogue but he didn’t rise to fame until the 70’s when his images attracted a lot of attention thanks to his provocative vision. He actually pays a lot of attention to the woman and the decorative space that surrounds her; always including props from women’s’ environments such as beds, a sofa or even toilet paper as you can see in some of the pics I took of his images.
Bourdin is quite controversial and a bit of a voyeur and definitely has a thing for ladies legs and feet, however he evokes a certain emotion making you think about his work. He was a big inspiration in the fashion world and his images push boundaries making him a craftsman in his own right.

16123641878_91eca3adcd_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16309407481_b3ca544d9a_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16310339102_48e3a9ec6f_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16309425301_f1f3ca3b5d_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16311214015_c0198d6434_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

15688809304_38383c119a_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16309444811_0308b71b99_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

16285298416_bd94a00365_k Guy Bourdin at Somerset House

Please click HERE to check out what I wore to the exhibition.

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