Floral Print Dress Trend

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

I got used to this weather (as much as humanly possible) and I can tell you that my Autumnal spirits are expressed in my clothes and outfit choices more and more every day. I’m excited that 70’s is back and massive this season for that matter. Whether you are into boho, flares, fringing or simply an uptown 70’s chic stores have us spoiled for choice this season. Everyone from Burberry, Anna Sui, Pucci to Chloe covered everything from oversized shearling jackets and coats, floaty skirts and dresses and let’s not forget suede and fringing, really making it easy for us to channel that inner hippie chic. I thought that this floral print dress is right on the trend.

Floral-Print-Dress-4 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-8 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-9 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-5 Floral Print Dress Trend

When it comes to High Street and clothes that us normal people can afford Zara is definitely amongst many that have amazing options to dress any soul looking to find an outfit that’s feels effortless and pretty at the same time. The entire collection features a lot of Boho pieces that I adore and have my eye on and as well as many that I have already purchased and will be sharing in the coming weeks.

This week’s choice is the amazing floral print dress with flared sleeves from Zara of course, is just so perfect for a day to night look or those wild alfresco nights. Boho is a major trend you guys so I say invest into a couple of floral print dresses that you can wear throughout Autumn.

Floral-Print-Dress-3 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-2 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-12 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-13 Floral Print Dress Trend

I paired my dress with over the knee boots also from Zara, which I absolutely adore as they are so flattering and a great fit. I have added a large Fedora from Asos and my Chanel bag that haven’t left the house for a while, to complete this look.

Floral-Print-Dress-7 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-10 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress-1 Floral Print Dress Trend Floral-Print-Dress_ Floral Print Dress Trend

Kinza and I shot this over the weekend and I went out wearing this outfit which I really hope that you guys like.

Do you have favourite Autumnal pieces of clothing that you love styling this season? I love hearing from you so please leave me a comment below.

Tania xx

over the knee boots from Zara

floral print dress with flared sleeves from Zara

 large Fedora from Asos

Chanel bag


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