Haircut at Drama Parlour


I thought the end of this week will never arrive; I’m finally back to posting in the beauty section and what better that way to kick things off than with a post about my new haircut. It’s true when they say that finding a good hairdresser in London is similar to finding a reliable boyfriend and let me tell you I have tried out a few hairdressers in my time. Finally, I met Victoria at the Drama Parlour, a new Hair salon in my neighbourhood.

I made a reservation for 12 pm as I had to shoot an outfit later that day so I thought the timing is perfect, as well as the location since its only 5 minutes’ walk down the road from me; Drama Parlour is tucked away above the Dundee Arms opposite The Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green. I was amazed when I walked in by a really cool setting and brightness of the room. The place is stowed away and I kinda felt just a tad more exclusive as it’s a type of salon that you will only find out about  from a friend or a friend of a friend.

I don’t know about you guys, but my hair is really flat and thin, so making it look voluminous is a major mission. When I met Victoria I felt at ease to express how I feel about my hair and I’m so happy that she understood as I really love the new bouncy feel my hair has. This is not always easy to achieve when having a haircut so I’m really happy that I discovered someone who knows exactly how to make my hair work for me. They also stock Kevin Murphy products which I got a few off and really like the texture it gives to my new hair. I took a bunch of pictures to show you the salon and I can’t really praise Victoria enough, let me just say that I’m happy I met her and I will definitely be going back to the Drama Parlor for a colour and another cut soon.

Drama-Parlour-13 Haircut at Drama ParlourDrama-Parlour-6 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-4 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-5 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-3 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-1 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-2 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-7 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-8 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-9 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour-10 Haircut at Drama Parlour Drama-Parlour_ Haircut at Drama Parlour

Do you guys have a favourite salon in your neighbourhood? Please leave me your lovely comments below.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Tania xx


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