Healing in Bali – does it work?

I’m 15 months into my Bali journey, and I’ve only left the island twice for four nights in total. To say that it has been an intense 15 months would be an understatement. I have gone deep into the parts of my soul that I didn’t even know existed. I wanted to share my healing in Bali experience and sum it all up in case you may be looking to do the same.

I feel as though I have spent a year in rehab and, I have emerged out as a new person. I’m in a place where I truly live my most authentic self, and in a place where I only speak my truth.

Healing in Bali – My Process

I have worked on myself together with moon phases, which allowed me to tap into the alignment and the vibration of nature and Balis magic. I committed to digging deep each moon cycle and kept releasing stuck energies and hidden traumas. It was an overnight success but I was motivated by how I felt each time I released some of the stuckness. There was a lot and I was barely aware of it all that needed releasing before coming out to Bali.

At times, I needed external help as a few childhood traumas resisted the release, but I was determined. My typical healing process consisted of daily meditations and attunement to myself. I journaled a lot too, but not every day. Every two weeks, I would dig deeper and ask myself why specific patterns are repeating in my reality and why some situations and people made me unhappy?

The answers would sometimes come up quickly and sometimes it would take a little longer.

If I found myself in an unhealthy cycle, typically I would feel lower vibrations if I went out, drunk and worked a lot, I would work harder on releasing these energies from my energy body. This process would include visiting powerful Bali holly springs.

Bali Holly Springs and Temples

Two of my favourite are Tirta Empul and Sabatu Holly Spring. I would typically feel a lot of clarity on what needed further work after visiting Tirta Empul. Sabatu is good for releasing negative energy from my body and energy field. If you want to learn more about Tirta Empul I found this blog post as it explains what to do in detail when you are there if you don’t fancy taking a guide. I wrote this post last year about my favourite Bali temples.

I would recommend booking a guide for both places as they work n a donation basis, and it’s always so helpful to get local help. Guides are experts in the area and it so much more helpful when you know the exact process and the effects on your energy body.

Both Holly Springs help with cleansing yourself spiritually, and I go as often as I need to. I found this to help with my alignment and release stuck energy, old patterns and beliefs. Before every visit, I set my intention to release these patterns and energies and all that no longer serves me. I also set an intention to welcome new ways of thinking and inspiration so that I’m able to have more clarity in my life.

Favourite Healers in Bali

I have also had help from a few healers that helped me unblock heavier energies and lift old childhood traumas. You see I grew up in a war and being a seven-year-old girl hearing sirens and bomb planes flying over my school instil deep-rooted fears and unworthiness in the subconscious. I’m still releasing these slowly but shining light onto them allows me to clear and reprogramme quicker.

I’m going to list these healers in order of my visit and how they helped me heal most of my traumas. You see, we are forever evolving, and even the fact that we are aware of what needs to releasing is progress in itself. The whole point is to uncover and shine a light on what’s causing destructive patterns and negative behaviours in our life. Shining light onto these is 50% of the work done.

You have to realise that most healers can help and point this light towards what needs letting go however it’s your job to trust the process and commit to it. You will be tested for sure as changing behaviours and patterns on the subconscious level require patience and determination. But since you made a decision to do it hence you reading this post means that you are on the right path so please just keep going. You got this, my love.

Jim Doyle

Jim is one of the first healers I went here in Bali. Jim works on applying pressure on your pressure points to uncover blockages in your body and then uses the power of mantras and positive thinking to unblock and remove them. You can literally feel knots melting as he asks you to repeat affirmations after him. Jim will also be able to pinpoint whether your blocks are more within your feminine or masculine and even discuss people that contributed to these. I paid around £35 per session which was an hour-long.

I would recommend Jim especially if you have childhood traumas that caused negative beliefs that are stopping you from living your best life. The session was therapy with a physical aspect to mind reprogramming. I’m excited to see Jim again once the lockdowns have been lifted.

Hendra Healing

I’ve read somewhere that we place most of our emotional baggage onto our back so no wonder most of us walk around with bad postures and a bad back. I found Hendra to be an amazing healer to our physical bodies. He uses massage with acupuncture and cupping to help fix muscles and release stuck energy. I always feel in pain when he leaves however the lightness in my body is definitely worth it. If you have any knots in your body that need breaking down or any muscle soreness and injuries, Hendra is your guy. I believe that he has magical hands and even helped me with my scoliosis.

I paid around £14 for an hour session and it’s best to Whatsapp him on +62 857-9223-6594.

Yendri at Mukinem

My experience with Yendri was more of a spiritual nature and he used his esoteric methods to help me release really long and deep trauma from my childhood. I felt like almost the energy witing me aligns as he helped me to connect both to my inner child and higher seld.

Yendri works on a donation basis so please donate at least £20 which is 400,000 IDR. The session doesn’t have a specific timing as it will depend on your individual needs which he assesses in an initial consultation. Yendri speaks great English and works with animal spirits (I believe) to help connect him to another plane and soul level of yourself or a specific individual.

I hope this post helped you make a decision on what healers to approach in Bali. I would also love to hear your own experience so please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Lots of love.

Tania xxx



  1. Anais Tori

    Looooove that blogpost ure the best !

    • tania

      Im so happy to hear and can’t wait to see your healing journey unfold. x

  2. Patrick

    I just stumbled across this site – might be the universe that brought me here. I met with Jim last week and wow…what an incredible experience and an amazing human being. Before he even placed his hands on me he immediately called out what was troubling me. Throughout our session he continued to call things out that were causing me pain, trauma, and low vibrations. I’ve been fortunate to meet some really special people in my life and Jim is most definitely one of them.

    • tania

      Jim did a great healing on me too. Sending you good energy x

  3. Mary

    I have just come across your post. Thank you so much for sharing! How can I contact Yendri?

    • tania

      Hi Mary I have linked his details through the website. This is how I found him too. I hope it helps you, he changed my energy around a deep trauma I was holding onto for the longest of times.

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