How to make your travel sustainable in 2022

All hail Jesus, the pandemic is over. I’m patiently waiting for all the mandates to be taken down in the wake of new documents being released. Let’s get back to travel but more importantly, let’s practice sustainable travel in 2022.

As this is my first post of 2022 I would prefer to start it on a positive note and share realisations and tips I came to throughout the pandemic. Or in my case, the lack there off since in Bali we were all blessed with freedom of movement

I know we are all thirsty to travel, believe me, I am too, despite the fact I spent most of my lockdown time in a paradise. The thirst to experience different cultures and people is still very strong within.

However, it is important to remember the damage we do to our beautiful mama aka Gaia. Planet Earth is a living being and a home to us all beautiful creatures borrowing her energy. Let’s all remember to be kind to Gaia as we enter a new era on the ascendant planet. Some still may have some catching up to do but the 5D is as sweet as they say.

Anyway, I have been thinking long and hard and not to mention all the research done to come up with a more sustainable way to travel. Long gone are days where travel bloggers are enticing you with their red dresses twirls overlooking beautiful beaches and oceans. I’m still excited to get inspired by them but this year I will be doing things differently.

I’m starting with flying less and travelling on land wherever possible.

This is important to mention as flying contributed to 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. If you have no other choice but to fly I recommend staying longer in the location. Staying longer in places makes your travel sustainable. Make sure you take all the precautions to avoid pollution of any kind.

For example, I just returned from Dubai where instead of the usual four-night stay, I decided to remain in the same place for two weeks. The longer time in destination allowed me to relax, work and fly less. I integrated more into the local way of life and came back home recharged.

I’m planning my next trip to Greece and Balkans next month and thankfully Europe is so well connected with trains, busses, ferries. I’m planning to hop around the Greek Islands and then slowly make my way to the Balkans most likely on the train and coach.

Hybrid work hybrid travel aka sustainable travel

I understand that it may not be easy for everyone to do so due to work but luckily we all have an option to work hybrid these days, so why not make our travels hybrid too. It may require a little more planning but the realisation that you are choosing better for the planet is worth it.

I hope you join me for my adventure around Meditteranean. I will take two months out of London and see what happens. I’m grateful to have survived the winter dodging news and fear spirals in the meantime. I learned more in my faith in the universe, focusing on how I want my reality to look like and just go for it.

I’m also acknowledging and sending love to all that are less fortunate at this time. I’m committed to finding out how to help and donate as much as I can. In a world where we are inundated with fearful information, I want my content to do the opposite. I want it to ignite the light and show you that we can still live free if we visualise our realities the way we want them, back it up with hard work and focus and let the universe deliver to us.

Tania xxx


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