A life update! I moved again

As I was hoping to travel down the Balkans to a more relaxed Greece, my plans changed last minute. Suddenly I found myself signing up for a 3-month contract on a small studio apartment in Parikia, Paros.

Did I think this through, I wondered? The answer was a clear no but the joy I felt from the decision, indicated I was on the right path.

For a while, I toyed with the decision between Greece and Bali. However, due to a contract I have with my client, it seemed more accessible to remain in Europe for the rest of the year. So I embarked on a big declutter and donation spree, packed my most needed belongings in 2 suitcases, left another at my sisters and booked storage for the essential items that I cant travel with but need.

I didn’t have a plan or knew one soul in Paros

The pull to make this decision was much stronger than I could ever anticipate. Unlike the first time, I moved to Bali, this time I really released a lot of things and possessions that tied me to my old life and my old self. I have changed so much and I needed my reality to reflect that.

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I tried for a while to fit back in London, but

The heaviness of living through the winter in the city left a toll on my mental health. Will I ever be able to call this city a home again?

Despite trying to desperately find a place to call home, after 3 months and a massive amount of rejection on the rental market, I failed. The whole experience reminded me of the lyrics of Radiohead’s song “Wish you Were Here” – of lost souls swimming in a fish bowl and I took it as a significant and life changing sign.

I had a choice to keep going against the flow and put myself through a mediocre life and rejection in order to pay an extortionate rent for less than a decent room sharing with god knows who. Or take it as an opportunity to really give this homeless life a new chance. I use homeless lightly here as I do have a home but I don’t have a base and I consider myself to be a traveller without a permanent base. With some luggage but nothing that will tie me anywhere.

I also had my fear of commitment come up quite a bit during this decision-making process, the intuition spoke louder than any fear and I chose not to resist the flow to go with the universe instead of against it.

Once I arrived in Paros I started to relax and realised how much tension and stress my nervous system was under in London. I started working on myself, cleansing my energy daily and spending more time in nature and by the ocean. I watch sunsets every night. My creativity and inspiration started returning and I feel ready to get back to my creative routines and content.

paros-sunset-1440x1920 A life update! I moved again

I want to focus this blog more on wellness, self-love and empowerment. I want to show up for it more. Show up for anyone that finds it since I’m not as active anymore. I want every piece of content I create to come from the same intention and that is to empower you to follow your intuition and tap into your soul and what’s meant for you. Instead of going against the grain,s struggling in a system that doesn’t care about so many issues related to wellbeing.

We are in charge of making ourselves feel good and it all starts from within and with the decision to show up for yourself and make yourself feel good. Instead of struggling in a situation that most likely was never meant for you the universe always wants us to succeed and live the best life in abundance. It’s up to us how long we decide to make the journey and realisation to this last.

Wishing you a wonderful end to the week and please follow my Tik Tok where I share daily videos on healing and empowerment.

Tania x


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