I went to Mykonos and I didn’t like it

Mykonos is famous for attracting the world’s glitz and glamour with its picturesque towns, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

This is my third time in Mykonos, the last time I stayed at a beautiful villa overlooking the Aegean sea.

Perhaps I changed but this time around I literally couldn’t stand being in town and participating in any nightlife activity.

To put a little context to this story that seems negative, my friend and I, two self-funded independent women were merely seen as objects by thirsty men overtaking the streets of Mykonos. I’m sure they heard that money buys everything. But it doesn’t.

What happened to us in Mykonos

We sat down for dinner at Niko’s Taverna since the Taverna Sunset at Little Venice kicked us out because my friend ordered vegetable soup. Deciding to drink sparkling water was also not to their liking. The waiter looked at us in shock, stropped back to the reception grabbed a reserved sign and said to us mid-order, you said you want to eat dinner.

This table is reserved for people that want to eat mains. To add to the shock as a traveller I have never been treated this way, let alone by a Greek person. A nation famous for generosity and fantastic hospitality.

We had no choice but to leave the table and I said to my friend let’s walk away from the ocean. I’m sure tavernas inside the town were more grateful for their customers.

So we stumbled upon Niko’s taverna, in all honesty, it was hard not to. Red checkered table cloths covered a sea of tables overtaking most of the square and we felt it would be a nice experience to eat there.

And it was, despite waiters being super busy and complaining a little, they served us quickly with a little judgment of how expensive our meal was. We added some wine even though we barely drink but after the Sunset Taverna trauma, we needed alcohol.

Women are commoditised in Mykonos

Just as we started relaxing, mid into our meal here comes this average looking poorly dressed man asking us to join his friend’s table. We got a bottle, he slurred at us. Erm, excuse me did your mama teach you not to interrupt a woman eating her self-paid dinner.

Jokes aside we judged a little that he invited us to the Scandinavian Bar. Now, guys if you know me you know that I self-fund everything I do and have never had a man sponsor my holidays. I have high standards and I work hard for them. I love an authentic experience and not some low vibrational pickup line in the middle of my dinner.

We politely refused but believe it or not he came over again and we promised we will stop by after our dinner, with no intention to do so. If I’ve learned anything in life that bruised ego of an unhealed man can follow you energetically like a lingering smell.

As we left our dinner, we were followed again by this man guiding us to his table. They had just ordered a bottle of Whiskey and wanted us to share. I barely drink wine these days let alone Whiskey with some random men at the Scandinavian bar of all places.

In the middle of us politely excusing ourselves, here comes another one rushing to speak to my friend, not giving a damn that we are in the mid-rejection conversation with the other men that wouldn’t leave us alone the entire dinner.

We literally run away. I was shocked at how commoditising women were here. Not to mention men on Hinge preparing and putting their get-laid plans into action before even getting to the island.

Oh, what a shame that these low vibrational humans ruined yet another beautiful island. Even locals are not themselves anymore. We run into so much anger here and annoyance that I couldn’t wait to come back to my little home in Paros.

There are so many better islands than Mykonos

The best part of my third visit to Mykonos was a Petasos hotel where we stayed with its private beach and incredible pool overlooking Namos and docked yachts. I also spent one of the days at the Roc house and that was truly a beautiful day.

We walked from the hotel to the Roc house along the coast. The route is not even shown on Google maps and the beaches we came across were truly incredible.

If I ever go to Mykonos again, I will make sure to avoid the town and Little Venice by all means.

Please take my experience as it resonates, this is my experience and yours may be 100 times better. I wish that for you.

As someone who has spent months living in the Cyclades, I can tell you that there are far better islands that will welcome you with gratitude and charge you much less.

Wishing you a lovely summer.



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