Jolly Butchers Sunday Roast

Happy Monday everyone!

If you like a good roast on a Sunday then you are going to love this post. Finding a place that offers a good roast with the right amount of tradition i.e; a nice environment sometimes can be a difficult task. Everyone usually has their good old pub in their areas, however, when you decide to venture out of your comfort zones, sometimes you find yourself quite indecisive, well at least I do and most of my friends.

For me Broadway Market is my go to brunch spot however, I have been meaning to go to Stoke Newington for ages and visit one of their well-known establishments for what is known to be a one of the best Sunday Roasts in London.
Since I moved to the UK at the age of 18, I have always loved the tradition of a Sunday Roast as well as those good all Yorkie puds that come with it. And since I love sharing what I love then it was only a matter of time until this came up in one of my posts.

Good old Jolly Butchers Alehouse in the middle of very much upcoming Stoke Newington is a great pub if you are on a good Sunday Roast hunt. Situated on the corner of Garnham Street and Stoke Newington High Street (click HERE for map details) – this establishments prides itself on being one of the Guardians Top 10 pubs in Britain for nothing less than offering a huge range of Reals Ales, Ciders, Craft Beers and Lagers that will satisfy even one of the most beer educated individuals.

Jolly Butchers

Jolly Butchers 1

Jolly Butchers 2

Jolly Butchers 3

Jolly Butchers 4

Jolly Butchers 7

Jolly Butchers 15

I don’t know much about beer since I don’t drink it however, the food was just as good as they say it is. They offer some amazing roast options and it’s the most vegetarian-friendly place that I have seen in a while.

Jolly Butchers 5

Jolly Butchers 6

I had Beef and Kinza went for Lamb, the portions were quite substantial and the Yorkshire pudding did not disappoint. The only downside is that mine was covered in gravy, but when I say covered I mean COVEREDDD and I really prefer to have gravy on the side. However, this is just me.
Check out the pictures so you can judge it for yourself.

Jolly Butchers 8

Jolly Butchers 9

Jolly Butchers 10

Jolly Butchers 11

Jolly Butchers 12

Jolly Butchers 13

Jolly Butchers 14
Have you’ll a good week.

Tania xx

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