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I hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready to take on another week.

I have finally decided that it has been a long time since I talked about Live Music and finally decided that it’s about time to go and see a gig. A friend put us in touch with the record label showcasing LIVE // LEARN and since there were a bunch of other supporting artist we thought this is a perfect opportunity to finally check out some live music.

We decided to start with a glass of wine elsewhere and since I have been meaning to go to Happiness Forgets for so long, it was most appropriate to pop in as its just next door to Underbelly of Hoxton.

The bar was really cool with a candle lit red lighting throughout making the place super atmospheric. This is a perfect early evening drinks spot and we have also noticed that everyone around us was on a date. I always wondered what is like to be on someone else’s date and if you are weird like me, then this a perfect opportunity to find out. It was really dark inside quite small and romantic so you can perfectly hear what others were discussing, not that I was eavesdropping or anything.

Happines-Forgets-940x529 Live Music in Hoxton Happines-FOrgets-1-940x527 Live Music in Hoxton Happines-Forgets-2--940x626 Live Music in Hoxton Happiness-Forgets--940x626 Live Music in Hoxton

After Happiness Forgets, we popped over next door to the Underbelly to check out bands playing. The lineup had few names on that I wasn’t really familiar with, however since it was a recommendation we ought to check it out. I actually really enjoyed it and totally forgot how much fun its going to gigs. Now this venue would not be my first choice for me and my friends don’t really patron here often but the bands were amazing so I forgot where I was. The night was mainly industry people and the band we purposely came out to see LIVE // LEARN (click HERE to check them out) was playing here as their third gig. I filmed and edited some songs for your guys so head over to my Youtube and subscribe. I do apologise for the videos being slightly shaky and dark, the venue was poorly lit for filming but I’m sure you will be able to get the gist of it.

Hoxton-Underbelly-940x626 Live Music in Hoxton Hoxton-Underbelly--940x626 Live Music in Hoxton Hoxton-Underbelly-1-940x626 Live Music in HoxtonHoxton-Underbelly-4--940x529 Live Music in Hoxton Hoxton-Underbelly-2--940x626 Live Music in Hoxton Hoxton-Underbelly-5-940x529 Live Music in Hoxton

Lyza Jane

Is a singer and producer from London and apparently performing at Glastonbury this year which is quite exciting. I loved this girl she mostly reminded me of Lykke Li which I adore and that deep sound with powerful vocals. It was a perfect way to warm up for HNTR and LIVE // LEARN who are little more upbeat.


Oh, this guys were absolutely amazing and fun. The lead singers voice literally got stuck in my head since so husky and powerful, loved it. This five piece band is quite folky but still indie and great to dance to. I will have to check out some more of their gigs.


Now these guys are right up my street with the sick bass and fresh electro that is yet kinda dark and minimal but still indie at the same time and I only wish that I saw these guys in one of the warehouse raves that I love so much instead of the Underbelly. So full of energy and beat it was so amazing and I will definitely keep my eyes out for them. They just released new EP so check out their Soundcloud below.


Tania xxx


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