Lunch in The City Part 2

Ohh Christmas is coming and you can see it everywhere at the moment. I love everything about this time of the year apart from the freezing weather. However, this weather means I get to shop for a new winter coat and wear more layers. More layers means more carbs are allowed so happy times all round.

So following up on my previous Lunch in The City post (click here to read, if you haven’t), I have decided to share another one of my favourite quick lunch stops in the City…Leadenhall Market.

I love Leadenhall market, so old school and it reminds me of London back in the 20’s. Well not that I know what that have would have been like but somehow it reminds me of the 20’s.

Similar to St Kathryn’s Dock, you won’t feel like you are in London. Leadenhall market is filled with City workers and slightly busier than St Kathryn Dock however, if you want to get the feel of a busy City of London than this is the place to come to.

We went to Gino D’Campo’s pasta bar that makes fresh pasta and pizza every day and they have a really good range of both. Despite the food being really tasty, it took a little while for the food to come out. Steph and I only had an hour to spare which is typical of a city worker and it would have been nice if we didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for our pasta. The queue here was rather big but the food was nice and the place looked really cool and quirky so I thought I’d recommend it over a few other places that I also like. We both had Chicken pasta with Gorgonzola cheese sauce and white coffees. Coffee is only £1 which is very unusual for this part of the town.

image24-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image30-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image28-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image29-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image32-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image33-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image34-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image31-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image35-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

image27-940x1253 Lunch in The City Part 2

I didn’t take that many pictures of my outfit as my camera’s battery fell out and I lost it forever L so I mainly used my phone to shoot these. However, I got this coat from Forever 21 and my over the knee boots are from Asos.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

Tania x


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