How to Look after your Hair Extensions and the Aftercare

As some of you might have noticed that my hair is little longer and a lot fuller and this is because I recently had the full head of hair extensions applied to my head. I wanted to share in this post how to look after your hair extensions and share my routine and the hair products I use.

I opted to micro rings and Russian Virgin Hair in light blonde. My hair extensions color was matched to my own color and because my roots are darker, I have a nice contrast and ombre effect. It’s kind of best of the both world.

It took me a couple of days to get used to having hair extensions, especially at night as micro rings can cut into your skin at first making it feel odd when your head touches a pillow. I got used to my new hair maybe 3-4 days after getting it and now I don’t even know how I lived without it before. But with like anything new, there come responsibilities and in order to prolong your new hairs life, you need to look after it well. The aftercare starts with the wash It’s really important to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and mine is from Bardou which is a professional hair salon known for their blowouts.

Hair-Extensions-After-Care-2 How to Look after your Hair Extensions and the Aftercare

They offer really nice hair products especially if you are looking to protect and nourish your hair. I use Bardou Repair Shampoo and Condition enriched with Keratin with heat and UV protection. The shampoo lathers well and smells divine, it’s easy to rinse out and leaves my hair so soft. The first time I washed my hair was little weird as all the new hair pulled down on my rail hair because of the water weight and it felt little heavy on my head.

When it comes to conditioning it’s really important to avoid applying any product on micro rings so make sure you apply it only on the ends of your hair. I really love Bardou Repair conditioner because it detangles my hair and makes brushing afterwards super easy. I really recommend both of these products if you are looking to step up your hair care game; the brand is cheaper than Kerastase and more suited to hair extensions.

Hair-Extensions-After-Care_ How to Look after your Hair Extensions and the Aftercare

Brushing is your next step and really important one. You need to make sure you use tangle teezer as it’s easier to brush your hair with than a normal comb or a brush. Brushing at least once a day is highly recommended, as this will ensure that your hair isn’t tangled and there is no matting. Matted hair extensions can cost more to professionally fix so avoid at all cost. I brush mine twice a day before work and before bed and I also make sure my hair is put in a plait to the side to avoid tangling during sleep.

Hair-Extensions-After-Care-1 How to Look after your Hair Extensions and the Aftercare

It’s ok to use hair styling tools on your hair extensions, however, you need to make sure that the hair dryer is turned down on low heat, if not cool air because it takes a while to dry and you need to avoid long exposure to heat as much as possible. I wash my hair in the evenings and I let it dry naturally as this is the healthiest way of drying. To protect the hair from heat, I use L’Oreal Hair Expertise Pure Sleek No Sulfate frizz free soothing mist that protects up to 180C. The product is so inexpensive and easy to spray on, it protects the hair and smells super nice. It’s not recommended to use GHDs as they don’t have heat level control as you will need to be able to turn down the heat to approx. 180C on all of your hair tools. Although some people say it’s easier to style with a hot irons and damage is less because it takes less time. I would say use your common sense and don’t over expose your hair to heat and styling tools.

I try and wash my hair twice a week and style with tools once a week to ensure that my extensions look healthier for longer and damage is less. After I style I use L’Oreal Mythic Oil that nourishes the hair and it’s good to use on all hair types. I actually try and apply this every day especially before going to bed because hair extensions don’t get any natural oils from your hair and the hair really needs that extra care. Just ensure that you avoid applying near your micro rings as oil can cause them to slip, making you lose hair and no one wants that.

To finish and style, I use Davines Dry texturizer spray which is more on the expensive side but it makes hair fuller and I absolute love the smell. I also use just a normal dry shampoo every second day to avoid washing hair as often.

Hair extensions are an investment and you need to make sure that they are looked after. This is also a great practice for your own hair once you take the extensions out as don’t be surprised if you find your hair to be way longer than you remember. I definitely recommend micro rings as this is the least damaging hair extensions method as no glue or metal is directly applied to your hair. Before your extensions secures the micro ring a small silicone ring is fitted on your hair to ensure the metal bit is not touching or demanding tour hair.

What do you guys think of my hair extensions and were you thinking of getting them yourself? I’m quite obsessed with mine, to be honest ☺

I have arrived in LA safely and I will be sharing my travelling content in the coming weeks so make sure you check back as often as possible.

Lots of Love!!



  1. I hadn’t thought about the fact your hair was suddenly significantly longer because those extensions look SO NATURAL! The color is perfect, the texture is spot on, you are clearly doing a wonderful job taking care of them!

  2. /

    I never would have thought that you’re wearing extensions! They look super-natural – really nice!
    Have a great Monday 🙂


  3. Lot’s of good info, I have always wanted to try the tape in extensions, but they are just so dang expensive. I’ve used the clip in but they are uncomfortable, but I also have a really sensitive head!

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