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Slightly different post this Monday since I haven’t been to a show in a while, therefore, didn’t really blog about it. However, when TodayTix invited me to see Miss Saigon with them I thought this is too good to pass. Plus spicing things up on the blog is always fun.

 Miss Saigon currently showing at the Prince Edward Theater until 27th of February 2016 … I must say I went into the show without knowing what to expect as I decided not to read the reviews before seeing the show so that I was able to experience it in my own way. The only thing I knew about it was that it was a multi-award winning show made from the same people behind Les Miserables, so I was quite excited to see it.

miss-saigon-1 Miss Saigon with TodayTix

I was astonished by the first act which was rather explicit but it set the scene for the rest of the show. Essentially the show is a big love story between Kim and Chris set in Saigon during the Vietnamese war where American soldiers were free to roam the wonders of the East land including their beautiful woman.

The mao Kim is a waitress working at the Dreamland in Saigon and Chris is an American soldier enjoying a night out with his soldier mates. Kims voice is mesmerizing and her acting showed the level of innocence that can only be found in the situation where the real love is present.

misssaigon1-940x705 Miss Saigon with TodayTix

misssaigon2-940x705 Miss Saigon with TodayTix

Another character that stood out for me was the Engineer who initially employed Kim in his Dreamland. He helped her to be with Chris and he really made the show entertaining.

I feel as though I shouldn’t give out too much because you should go and see the show for yourself. The production and the cast were absolutely amazing and if you are a fan of musicals than you are going to love the underlying story that Miss Saigon offers, its production and the cast.

misssaigon-940x705 Miss Saigon with TodayTix

I downloaded the app and it took less than 30 seconds to book our tickets. The lovely people at the TodayTix sent me a code so I was able to claim my tickets for free which is always nice. They offer the latest West End and Broadway shows with really good rates. If you are looking to book a theater last minute, you should defiantly check these guys out.

miss-saigon-5 Miss Saigon with TodayTix miss-saigon-6 Miss Saigon with TodayTix

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