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Happy Friday!

It’s a special one today because it’s pay day and I’m excited to go splurge on clothes and beauty products!

I thought for this post I’d round up a selection of my favourite makeup products that I have been rigorously using throughout the month of July.

I have been really into the no make-up makeup look throughout July and to achieve this kind of a look, the products below really helped.

Sephora 8hr mattifying compact powder

I got this product when I was in Paris and it’s actually meant to be an all over compact powder however I use it as a bronzer. The lady in Sephora suggested a darker shade than my complexion and since I was super tired I bought it without checking it first. Needless to say that I definitely cannot use this as a face powder but as a bronzer it does a pretty good job. My favourite thing about it is its lasting power and the shade. It’s a great product at a  low price so I definitely recommend you guys go grab one when you are next near Sephora.

best-beauty-priducts-14 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-13 Monthly Favourites Make up

Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara For Instant False Lash Effect

I love this mascara in the summer as it is really lightweight and best of all it makes your lashes pretty lengthy. In addition, it smells lovely. I have been using this every day as it’s quite easy to take off in the evenings and it doesn’t look over the top for day to day office wear. If I go out I usually apply a couple of layers of this mascara which gives the lashes that extra oomph that a girl needs on a night out. I love it!

best-beauty-priducts-1 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-2 Monthly Favourites Make up

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

I adore this product, it’s amazing not only for contouring but also for everyday dark circles and fine line concealing. Depending on how much of this product I add, the more you use exaggerates any small lines underneath your eyes so make sure you blend it well. It lasts the whole day and it’s absolutely great that is if you like that contoured look.

best-beauty-priducts-3 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-4 Monthly Favourites Make up

M·A·C Lipstick – Velvet Teddy

This looks as good as it sounds. It’s definitely one of my most used summers lipsticks and it’s quite difficult to get your hands on. I got mine at Heathrow whilst duty-free shopping which I was pretty excited about. Velvet Teddy has the best texture out of all MAC matte lipsticks and literally it’s all I buy. Its stays on forever and it doesn’t dry lips out like some other matte lipsticks.

best-beauty-priducts-5 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-6 Monthly Favourites Make up

Nars Cosmetics Lip Gloss Christopher Kane Collection

This Lip Gloss really plumps up my lips and I absolutely love it. I’m not usually a fan of lip gloss on a regular basis but this one is really an exception. It glides on smoothly and it stays on for ages and most importantly it is not sticky. The shade I go for is Nebulous.

best-beauty-priducts-7 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-8 Monthly Favourites Make up

M·A·C Lip Pencil in Subculture

I’m sure you guys know that I discussed this product before and absolutely love it. I have been using this Lip Pencil ever since I got it and I love how it makes my lips look so much fuller than they are. I slightly over line my lips and use the pencil to fill in all over my lips; then apply Velvet Teddy or my Nars lip gloss depending on how I feel that day. It’s a great product and I really recommend it.

best-beauty-priducts-9 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-10 Monthly Favourites Make up

M·A·C Veluxe Brow Liner

I love this eyebrow liner, it’s so amazing and it lasts forever. Note how obsessed I am with the products that have that long lasting power J. My shade of choice is Strawberry Blonde and I love its powdery texture and the way it looks on my eyebrows after applying. It’s definitely a must have a product if you are an eyebrows girl.

best-beauty-priducts-11 Monthly Favourites Make up

best-beauty-priducts-12 Monthly Favourites Make up

Fresh Fig Signature Candle

Last but not least is this gorgeous Fresh Fig candle that the White Company kindly gifted me with. It’s great addition to my collection and it smells divine. It’s also great to use as a prop in product shoots.

I would love to hear from you guys about your favourite makeup products, so please leave your comments below.

Have a good weekend everyone.



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