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Hey everyone,

Sorry for a slight delay with this post, my flight to Istanbul was delayed yesterday and I was so tired when I arrived at the hotel that I didn’t have it in me to blog. However, here I am uploading the first thing in the morning before I embark on exploring beautiful Istanbul.

You guys, my hotel here is so amazing and I can’t wait to show you pictures and a little video tour on my YouTube channel. Please head over and subscribe, as I’m really excited to have started it finally.

 Without much further ado, in this post I have reviewed NKD Skin Fake tan mouse by Vita Liberata. This dark tan mouse is from their more affordable range. I have filmed the review as well as the difference in my skin before, during and after applying this product. I’m wearing a bikini in some parts of the video so apologies in advance.

 Vita Liberata is known for luxury tanning and has many fans in the celebrity world including Kim Kardashian. They pride themselves for offering odorless tanning products as well as innovative pHenomenal 2-3 weeks tan, which is the world’s longest lasting tan. I will be trying this out at some stage I believe, perhaps after my holidays and when the gloomy weather is upon us.

 To rally this tan is the best if you are looking to achieve a natural looking glow without it being too much. It literally dries instantly; there are no streaks at all and it is really odorless. You literally apply it on a clean-scrubbed skin, it dries instantly and you are ready to go. Fades evenly and it lasts good 5 days, in my case, however, they claim that it lasts for about 7 days, but I think this will depend on individuals skin.

 I hope you guys enjoyed my review and do please go and give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

 Lots of love.

 Tania xx


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