Brunch at the Fable Farringdon

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Another annoying Monday but this week I’m really excited, as on Friday I head out to a really cool place, so stay tuned as there are some really cool posts coming your way. So if you are from London then you know that getting lost and walking around the city on the weekend can be one of the best things to do as there is always something cool around the corner to stumble upon. This weekend was no exception for me and my best friend Kinza, as we went for a little shopping spree in St Pauls and walked around the area when we decided to have brunch at the Fable Farringdon.

The Fable London_

The Fable London 1

Fable Farringdon located between Farringdon and St Pauls and offers the best selection of skinny cocktails and dishes I have ever had. The place is so cute and full of really quirky details including the book booth as I call it which would be perfect for a birthday celebration. Apparently the decor is inspired by the idea of fantasy and influences from around the worlds which are really present especially as they have a library with leather bound books and other quirky details that can be found across the venue.

The Fable London 22

The Fable London 3

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The Fable London 10

The Fable London 9

The Fable London 8

We started a few cocktails including Those Bloody Brits Bloody Marry and Lavender Club which is from the skinny section of the cocktail menu. Kinza had a Reina Cubano and a Hummingbird which were really delicious also and most importantly all below 200 calories.

The Fable London 28 The Fable London 27

The Fable London 26 The Fable London 25

The Fable London 24 The Fable London 23

The food was on another level, so tasty and filling that both of us left in a food coma. Service was immaculate and our waiter really made sure we had a great experience. I filmed a little video with our food choices to show you guys. I had a skinny Wagyu burger with blue cheese, tomato chutney and bacon and Kinza opted for grilled salmon, spinach and vine tomatoes. We went all in with a 3 course meal to celebrate me completing my dissertation. For starters I chose salt & pepper squid with lemon mayonnaise and Kinz had prawn lollipops with sweet chilli & soy.

The Fable London 12

The Fable London 13

The Fable London 15

The Fable London 16

The Fable London 14

The Fable London 17

We finished our meal at the Fable Farringdon with strawberry eton mess and a really delicious gluten free chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream.

The Fable London 19

The Fable London 20

The Fable London 21

Fable Farringdon is amazing if you are looking for a quiet brunch spot in an amazing setting with really delicious food. Also after work drinks during the week are on our to do list in the coming weeks as it gets quite busy during the week.

I will be bringing more video content your way and it would be great if you let me know if you have any suggestions or if there is anything you would like me to film.

I started my Youtube channel last night whoop so it would be great if you could check it out.

Have a great week everyone.


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