Perfect Summer Holiday Dress

Choosing a summer holiday dress when planning which outfits to take with you away, can be a daunting task. I think having at least one maxi dress to bring along with you is always a good and nonetheless safe option.

A couple of months ago I went to the Superdry press event and picked this gorgeous vintage maxi dress in white. I thought this is dress is such a perfect choice for my recent trip to Rome. I had such a good response from my followers on INSTAGRAM so I wanted to share the dress on my blog too. If you are going to the hotter locations, it’s important to choose lighter fabrics and materials to make sure that you stay cool. Rome was almost around 40C every single day but I must admit that this dress kept me cool, event despite the fact I did sweat a lot. Although this is quite to be expected when you are walking around sight seeing on 40C.

Superdry-Dress Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-12 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-1 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-7 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress

I styled my Superdry dress with a pair of espadrilles from Zara which I got on the sale and you know how quick Zara sales goes out of stock, however, I found a cute pair at Asos Espadrilles  are massive and a must have at the minute thanks to Chanel. Worry not if you can’t afford the Chanel espadrilles as there are so many cool options available out there. I have my eye on a Kenzo pair so I will see whether this is something I may want to invest in for my California road trip in September.

Superdry-Dress-6 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-5 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-4 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-3 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-13 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-9 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-10 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress Superdry-Dress-11 Perfect Summer Holiday Dress

To complete the look, I also added this cute straw hat from H&M which I love  and my Zero UV shades.

We walked around Rome, which by the way is a blogger dream as every street you see is so perfect for a shoot. We shot this dress by the river near the Vatican City and the lighting was just so perfect.

I hope you guys like my photos and do let me know if you agree that we should always bring at least one maxi on a holiday with us.

Have a great week!
Tania xxx

gorgeous vintage maxi from Superdry

Asos Espadrilles

straw hat from H&M

Zero UV shades




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    lovely!! that white dress combined with the hat is really perfect for summer!
    x, Ivana

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    That’s beautiful summery dress! White and light textured dress is a summer essential, so you don’t have to worry about getting so warm 🙂 Also love the photos! x

    Ela BellaWorld

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