Sexy Fish Brunch

Sexy Fish is an upscale Asian restaurant located in the heart of Mayfair. I went to Sexy Fish for dinner on a few occasions and when  I heard that they launched Sexy Brunch, I had to go and try it out for the blog.

The best thing about the Asian-inspired brunch at the Sexy Fish, aside from the sexy egg is their DJ line up and celebrity fans. I really like restaurants that have a cool atmosphere as this really compliments the food in the best possible way. We decided to arrive around 1.30pm starved as I really wanted to save myself for the Sexy Fish food. By the way, if you haven’t  tried it yet, I highly recommend.

Sexy-Fish-Brunch-14 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-13 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-11 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-12 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-6 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-10 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-9 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-8 Sexy Fish Brunch

The opulent setting of the restaurant and attentive service put us in a good mood right from the outset. Once we comfortably settled into our comfortable seats, we felt that the refreshing cocktail was in order. I opted for the Sexy Fizz which is made with Absolut, citrus sherbet, thyme, Manzanilla and Champagne. We decided to have another glass of champagne as the brunch continued.

Food wise, we opted for a few starters including Pepper Crusted Wagyu Tataki which was definitely one of our favourites. We also opted for Chunky Tuna Tartare, Salt and Pepper Squid, Prawn Cocktail, Sashimi Salad and Baby Spinach, Blood Orange nad Freid Yuba. I know this is quite a bit of 2 slim girls but we are not done just yet.

For our mains, we chose Sexy Eggs and the choice was The Lobster. This dish was so delicious that even if we just opted for it on its own, we would have left fully satisfied. We had to skip dessert for the obvious reasons but we stayed a while sipping our champagne and listening to the tunes that DJ was spinning.

Sexy-Fish-Brunch Sexy Fish BrunchSexy-Fish-Brunch-2 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-3 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-4 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-5 Sexy Fish Brunch Sexy-Fish-Brunch-7 Sexy Fish Brunch

All in all, I highly recommend the Sexy Fish for both dinner and brunch. The setting is just so perfect if you are in a mood for something more lush. The food is very delicious too.

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