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Hey guys,

I hope everyone is well at the start of this short and exciting week. I’m so happy that the clock has moved forward and days are finally longer. I also hope you all have lovely plans for the Easter break; my BFF Kinza and I are heading to Newcastle on Friday so watch this space.

I wanted to apologise for my silence in the past but I felt that I didn’t have much inspiration available to me so I decided not to post since it wouldn’t be as good as I wanted it to be.

This week I’m bringing you the latest Shoreditch bars addition that has recently opened its door to trendy Shoreditch bar hoppers. The place is called Cirque and it is located at 323 Old Street (click HERE for the map).

IMG_0926-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque

IMG_0924 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque

My lovely friend Natalie and I headed over to Cirque for some after work drinks on Tuesday evening and since it has been rather dark after work up until yesterday, pictures are slightly darker too. The place is really quirky decorated with a bunch of circus inspired toys and posters. There is a tiger in the corner and a bunch of other funny looking toys, like this little clown doll I took a picture off. Also a juggling bear, Zebra and a whole lot of tribal masks and puppets. It really looks like the whole circus props room exploded.

They had offers on cocktail but we opted for red wine also on offer as we are both running during the week and decided to keep sugar and alcohol intake to a minimum. Which hardly makes you sound much fun, I know!!

IMG_0889_2-940x752 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0891-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0884_2 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0882-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0887-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0888-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0923-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0903-940x671 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0902-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0900-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0898_2 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0897-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0895-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0892 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque IMG_0886 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque

IMG_0885-940x626 Shoreditch Bars  - Cirque

There is also a dancefloor downstairs and on that particular Tuesday they were hosting a comedy night and the place got quite crowded with promoter’s friends and fans.

We quite liked it because it is slightly different to the plethora of other Shoreditch establishments and ideal for post-work drinks.

I took quite a few pics for you so you can be your own judge. There isn’t much information about it apart from Design My Night review (click HERE).

Let me know your thoughts.




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