Double Denim Obssesion

Hey guys,

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you liked my post on Monday and for today I have another outfit post that I like to share with you.

If you follow my blog, then you know that I’m slightly double denim obsessed and I’m really excited that this trend is continuing throughout this year.

I love hanging out on the weekends with my friends and when my dissertation allows, we usually head out to different markets or just to a cool place that does decent brunch so dressing the occasion can sometimes be challenging especially if you feel hangover from the night before. So if you like to go for an outfit that it’s on the trend and fashionable but still quite comfortable and casual than double denim is the answer.

I adore this skirt that I got from Asos as its just a perfect shade of blue and I have decided to pair it up with an oversized boyfriend shirt also from Asos but in a slightly different shade. I love double denim and the edge it can give to an outfit that wouldn’t be as cool if you wore the pieces individually. Since it was the weekend, I decided to add a pair of Vans also in a blue colour to compliment my outfit choice. Since I bought my Nike Air Max, I rarely wear Vans, however, I believe that it’s quite important to have a pair in your shoe closet for chilled out days like this. On top of it all, I have added my grey coat as its quite cold in London despite the fact it’s actually April.

Double-Denim-8 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-9-940x658 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-7-940x659 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-6 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-5-940x646 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-3 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-10 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-1 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim-2 Double Denim Obssesion

Double-Denim--940x1279 Double Denim Obssesion





The pictures were taken by my lovely and talented friend Catrine and you can check out some of her work HERE.

I hope you guys like it and as always please comment below.

I have a surprise for your in the next post so please stay tuned 🙂




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