Take a break, it’s needed for your energy healing

The energy has been intense this year even so that NASA spotted some weird stuff going on in the universe. The truth is the energy of this planet is changing as more high frequency is being poured onto our planet. And every time there is light the darkness gets more activated in order to be transmuted. I wanted to share my energy healing tips.

This means that all the traumas stored in your body are trying to come to light to be released. Do you feel old memories coming up begging to be set free? What do you do with them?

The shift on the planet started even before 2019 and more and more people are taking a break from the old ball and chain i.e. the systems that are not working as well as we thought.

You deserve a break from all that is going on around you and learn to block out energies that are not serving your positive evolvement.

In this post, I wanted to share some tips on how you can create a stronger connection to yourself, ease up pressure on your nervous system and most importantly give yourself a break.

This too shall pass

Regardless of how things may seem right now, it’s important to remember this too shall pass. This is a fact. We are energetic beings floating in the universe on a beautiful rock so ebbs and flows are very normal. Realise this and give yourself a break not extra pressure to perform. Know that you can only perform from an inspired place so if you don’t feel inspired don’t do. It’s that simple.

Connect to nature

What is the inspiration never comes, you ask? Oh, it will come by doing this one simple thing: go to a very quiet part of nature, if it’s your local park go to the place where is fewer people, sit on the ground, relax and ground. I like to feel the ground beneath me and imagine I’m a tree growing roots.

Five minutes of this visualisation will create new energy within you and show you what you need to let go of in order to create more space within you to feel inspired. Then just look around you and feel the gratitude for nature, for holding this incredible powerful space for us. She can clear your energy very quickly and all you have to do is let her.

There is nothing to worry about in your present moment and in all honesty, all you have is that present moment so give yourself a break.

Meditate and journal

Start every day with meditation and journaling practice. This tool will change your life and if you are already in the routine with it then perhaps seek ways to deepen a connection to yourself through new questions or deeper breathing. I have a self-love manual in case you are looking to add structure to your routine.

Dance your trauma away

Lastly have a dance. You would be surprised at how much energy we hold as blocks in our body, all the unfinished memories, suppressed emotions and traumas. Through somatic therapy I have learned that dancing is the best healer and I’m not talking about going to the club, getting wasted and dancing.

I’m talking about you and yourself listening to your favourite tunes that evoke emotions within and move your body. Notice where in your body you feel pressure and then feel into it some more, ask it to show you what you need to know and how can you release it.

This simple yet powerful ritual changed my life. Even though I made the most progress when I did it with my therapist, I’m still able to drop into the deep blocks and release them on my own. Just don’t be afraid to cry if the tears come make sure you encourage them and let them out.

You will notice so much space after this.

I hope this message helped you and remember you don’t have to do or be anything but happy and ask yourself how can you get there.

Love you,


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