The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin

Double Cleansing regimen trend has been around for quite some time and it’s recommended by various facialist and dermatologists out there. Some may think that adding another step to their beauty routine may seem like a lot of work, however, taking care of your skin should be a priority especially if you are in your 30’s.

I have to admit that I sometimes miss out on my double cleansing routine but I have been really trying hard to stick to it especially since I’ve started seeing a difference in my complexion. I also think that introducing Sensai into my routine really helped clear out my pores and give me clean skin. I wanted to share my step by step double cleansing routine.

I use the products from the Sensai Silky Purifying line. Sensai is a Japanese brand that uses extra gentle ingredients in their skincare range with a luxurious sensation that makes the double cleansing process that much better. There is nothing better than going to bed knowing that all the dirt from that day has been washed off of your face.

Sensai_-2 The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin Sensai_-4 The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin

Step 1

Every evening I start with the Sensai Cleansing Balm that transforms into oil which really helps remove the makeup thoroughly. You need a pea size amount and massage it into the skin to melt all the makeup on your skin. The product will turn into a greasy residue o your skin so make sure you massage it well into all the areas including your lashes and rinse. It won’t fully rinse due to its oil consistency but this is normal. It creates a nice base for the next step.

Step 2

The next step is the Sensai Creamy Soap which is quite rich in texture. You should also apply a pea amount on the top of the cleansing balm and massage into the skin before rinsing. Its suits all the skin types and really gives a feeling of clean skin after washing the product off. It really removes all the impurities and leaves the skin squeaky clean. I use the Creamy Soap as a step 2 in the evening or as a step 1 in the morning.

In addition to my double cleansing routine, I also add Sensai Silk Peeling Mask as a step 2 in the morning, at least once a week. The mask is a creamy exfoliator with a silk scrub that helps to clean pores and remove all the dirt and dead cells.

Sensai_ The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin Sensai_-5 The Importance of Double Cleansing Your Skin

This double cleansing routine will leave your skin super clean and soft. This means that all the other products you apply including your serums and moisturizers will get absorbed quicker and better. Making sure that your anti-aging products work better for your is just an added benefit of double cleansing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your thoughts on double cleansing?

Tania xxx


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