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Hello my lovely readers and happy Monday.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I sure did 🙂

Over the years I have learnt that here in London of the tradition of pre-drinking before going out. This usually happens in one of your friend’s houses. I don’t really know who came up with “pre-drinking” but whoever it is thank you! As this is the best way to catch up with friends.

We all met at my friend Emma’s house who prepared this lovely spread for us, Aww thank you Emms it was so delicious. (Nigella watch out!)

Girls-Night-1-940x528 The Troubadour London Girls-Night-out--940x528 The Troubadour London

One of Alex’s friends from university who is in the band called Sincere Deceivers (you can check them HERE) was performing in The Troubadour London which is this cool and quirky venue in Earls Court. As you may have noticed, I rarely leave East London as I love it so much however, I have heard so many good things about the Troubadour that I thought it was a good time to finally venture out to south west London.

The Troubadour is apparently London’s last Coffee House from the 50’s set in a true bohemian style. The venue is split in two a café on the ground floor and the club in a basement. Reviews say that the food is amazing however; we didn’t eat this time as we mainly came here to see the band.

The club has bands perform here all the time and rumour has it that Adele played her first gig here. The venue is dimly lit and quite small however, if you like gigs and quirky places like me then I definitely recommend you visit this place. You can check some of their upcoming listings HERE.

Girls-Night-4-940x708 The Troubadour London
Girls-Night-9-940x1176 The Troubadour London
Girls-Night-5-940x1301 The Troubadour London
Girls-Night-7-940x1214 The Troubadour London
Girls-Night-8-940x1325 The Troubadour London
Girls-Night-6-940x705 The Troubadour London

Sincere Deceivers were a really cool, this two piece band, a guitar player who also sings and a cello player. Tunes were really melancholic and nostalgic and we really enjoyed listening to them.

My outfit for the evening is from Sheinside top and skirt and my boots are from Zara, to give it a both more of an edge I wore a burgundy lip in MAC Sin.

Christmas is approaching and it would be great if you guys share some your plans for this amazing time of the year. Deadlines are taking the best of me but my semester is coming to an end and hopefully there will be some more time to and do some cool things as there are so many happening in London at the minute.

Until the next time x


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