Farewell Vietnamese on Kingsland Road

Hey guys,

Sorry for a slight absence, my deadlines are quite demanding at the moment. I, however, need to find time to see a friend as it is quite important to have that balance between work, study and fun in your life otherwise you may just drive yourself insane.

This time, it was more of a sad post as my flatmate Ben of 3 years decided to move across the globe and follow his dreams down under. I’m really excited for him.

Ben decided to have a small gathering at his favourite Vietnamese on Kingsland Road (click here for the map) followed by a few cocktails in Ben’s favourite bar “The Bridge” again on Kingsland Road (which you can see here on the map).

Anyways, Kingsland Road is famous for its authentic Vietnamese restaurants. If you are not familiar with the Kingsland Road, I have linked some more information so just click HERE to read it. In a nutshell, Kingsland Road is a long road that connects Shoreditch and Dalston. There are many quirky bars and Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road and it’s quite well known for the Vietnamese cuisine. Most of Vietnamese operate BYOD concept and in case you are not familiar, this means you are allowed to bring your own drink to the restaurant free of charge as long as you order food. Now I love Vietnamese food, it’s so fresh and healthy and quite cheap for that matter. Below you can see few bits that we ordered including chilli squid, salmon and avocado summer rolls served with a plum sauce and are absolute to die for. If you ever come here, you must try seafood noodle soup which is absolutely amazing… I think I actually may attempt to make some at home as these are so healthy and filling and perfect for this time of the year. Stay tuned for some of my healthy recipes that are coming soon.

I drunk a Jasmine tea and my friends opted for a red wine and beer bought in the shop next door.

Vietnamese Kingsland Rd
Vietnamese Kingsland Rd 5
Vietnamese Kingsland Rd 4
Vietnamese Kingsland Rd 3
Vietnamese Kingsland Rd 2
Vietnamese Kingsland Rd 1
The weather was really miserable as it didn’t stop drizzling but we did not let this stop us. After the dinner, we made our way to “The Bridge” which is Ben’s favourite bar on Kingsland Road. You can check some of my favourite places on Kingsland Road HERE.

On the ground floor, Bridge is actually a coffee house however, there is another room and upstairs which looks like a lounge from the 20’s with its red dimmed lights and antique furniture. Very quirky and cosy indeed and I can see why Ben loves it here. The décor and ambience are really cool and you can order anything from cocktails, word beers, tea, coffee and even cakes. This place stays open quite late and if you are on a lookout for something different then I definitely recommend you give The Bridge a go.

Kingsland Road 1
Kingsland Road 2
Kingsland Rd 9
Kingsland Rd 8
Kingsland Rd 4
Kingsland Rd 6
Kingsland Rd 5
Kingsland Rd 7

I hope you liked reading this and if you have any favourite places of your own, I’d absolutely loves to hear about them.

As always message me or leave any comments below.



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