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Hello lovely people,

I know that usually I don’t post on Sundays but I thought to finish this week with the post to highlight the best news I received earlier in the week: The London Thing has made it to London Lifestyle UK top 10 blogs Whoop!

If you have been following The London Thing from the start then you know that I published the first post almost a year ago, on the 6th of August to be more precise (click HERE to see it).

I started the blog initially as a part of my Masters program in marketing to further my knowledge in digital and social media as well as to confront some of my personal issues. Well when I say personal issues I mean those of confidence and insecurities about sharing insights into my life with the world. Also writing interesting content in English, which is my second language, can sometimes be daunting. These have been some of the biggest challenges in the whole year, well together with trying to balance a full time job, masters and a blog whilst maintaining a social life that one needs to keep friendships intact accumulated over the years in this beautiful city that I call home.

Not to move far from the subject, I am going to be honest and say that I was seriously contemplating closing the blog in August to focus on furthering my career in the corporate world. However, the news I received from Cision (click HERE to see the complete list) on Wednesday made me change my mind completely and continue with the London Thing and focus on making it even better than what it is today. To say the least Universe works in mysterious ways.

My blog has been selected into the London Lifestyle top 10 UK blogs and I’m the happiest to see that I’m contributing to the amazing blogosphere and to even to be on the same list as other bloggers whose blogs I regularly read and feel inspired by.

I wanted to take this post and thank everyone who reads my blog and to tell you guys that now that I’m almost done with my dissertation that the fun starts now. There a few changes coming here and so do keep coming back 🙂

Also you can follow me on my social media accounts, which I regularly update (INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER)

To a better year ahead!

Tania xxx


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