The White Company & Spring Skincare Update

The White Company launched their skincare range and after trying their products, I wanted to create a post that features products that I have been using and loving in the past couple of months. As a blogger, I’m quite fortunate to receive products to try and review for you guys so I have an opportunity to try different brands quite often. Having said that I only publish what worked for my skin well and I always offer an honest review 🙂

As you may know with spring here, we all need to look into adapting our skincare products to warmer days. I personally like to use the more natural product with lighter textures. Having said that I wanted to share my current routine:


Lately, I have really been into using Polishing Citrus Cleanser by Herbalife Skin for both day and night cleansing. The cleanser is perfect for normal to oily skin and its packed with Vitamin B3, antioxidant Vitamins C and E and Aloe Vera, Orange & Citrus oils and Jojoba. Microbeads inside the cleanser really help to clean all the dirt from your pores leaving the skin smooth and properly clean. I found this product to satisfy all of my needs and I use it twice a day. It lathers so well and it’s sulfate free and I found the bottle can last for over 3 months even if you use it twice a day. All in all, I really recommend this cleanser as it does exactly what it claims to do and my skin feels really clean after using it. I also use it to remove my make up.

IMG_7944 The White Company & Spring Skincare Update

Eye Care

When it comes to the eye area, the White Company came out with a really nice serum. Most of the time, I find it hard to buy a decent eye serum I was quite excited when I received this product in the post. The eye area needs a gentle product and The White Company Eye Revive serum contains Persian silk tree extract which is super gentle on the skin. It also based on probiotic technology which helps the skin renewal. The serum promises to brighten the area, however, I haven’t noticed too much of the difference in the complexion around my eyes. I use this before my Elemis Eye Renewal Cream in the morning and before going to bed. The good news is that I haven’t noticed any new lines forming so I think my routine must be working.

IMG_7949 The White Company & Spring Skincare Update


Moisturizing is a holy grail of any skincare and I try to use different moisturizers for day and night. For the past few months, I used The White Company Super Serum as a base. The serum comes in cute glass bottle, is of a thin consistency and very absorbent. I feel every time I apply this serum my skin feels like it had the hydration it needs. It’s based on protein-rich amino acids, green tea & marine extract and grape wine stem cells, the serum promises to smooth and plump the skin whilst protecting it from UV damage. I notice my skin being plumper as soon as I apply it. It’s also super soft and anti-aging and I really recommend it as its a perfect base for any moisturizer.

IMG_7947 The White Company & Spring Skincare Update

For the day, on top of the serum, I apply Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 by Herbalife Skin. I’m actually obsessed with this cream as it acts as a sunscreen but at the same time it reduces lines and wrinkles and gives your skin the glow. This must be the most gentle day moisturizer I ever used and I love the smell too. It contains Vitamin B3, C, E, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil amongst other goodies and it’s also sulfate free and I absolutely love it.

IMG_7945 The White Company & Spring Skincare Update

For the night, I apply The White Company Overnight Renewal Oil in addition to the serum. I’m not usually into oils much as I have an oily skin, however, this oil is definitely one of my favorites so far. It’s not really that oily and it absorbs super quick giving the skin that velvety feel on the application. It’s based on a blend of Amazonian oils, poppy seeds, and antioxidants and promises to give you a super soft and firmer looking skin. My skin is extremely soft when I wake up thanks to this product and I will definitely be repurchasing it.

IMG_7948 The White Company & Spring Skincare Update

So there you have my spring skincare routine featuring the White Company and Herbalife Skin. I love both brands because they use only healthy good ingredients and are actually good for us. I hope the review helped you decide on your routine and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Tania xxx





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