Where to stay in Amsterdam

I love city breaks, and I have one every month but where to stay is a big question. Hours of research and reading reviews can be overwhelming but worry not I got you covered with where to stay in Amsterdam.

Having learned over the years that maximising your time while keeping comfortable and rested is the way forward when it comes to having the best city break. We all want to pack as much in as possible, often forgetting how will it make us feel when we do it.

This is why my priority when looking for a place to base my stay is the location. The location is especially important if I only have 2-3 days in the city. Somehow there is never enough time to do it all.

The second priority is the vibe, and I have stayed in so many places that had no vibe and only providing a bed to rest. That’s ok, too, but I need more out of my stay. I want to leave feeling good. The Albus is the chicest Design Hotel in Amsterdam city centre, which made me extra excited for my trip because it ticked both of those boxes.

Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-14 Where to stay in AmsterdamAlbus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-9 Where to stay in AmsterdamAlbus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-8 Where to stay in Amsterdam

Its no secret that I’ve always preferred design hotels and Albus is the latest I can add to my long list of enjoyable stays. Comfortable rooms with contemporary furnishings as well as artsy detailing throughout the corridor are just additional bits that made my stay perfect.

The location was ideal as it only took me 10-15 minutes to reach most areas of interest such as The Nine Streets and De Pijp. The hotel is located in the centre of Amsterdam, making it super easy to explore on foot and save time. My question about where to stay in Amsterdam has been answered, and I had to share it with you.

As soon as I arrived, the friendliest receptionist greeted me. She handed me a glass of Champagne before sitting me down to show me all the things I can do in Amsterdam, kindly circling it all on the map and explaining the distance in relations to the hotel.

Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-4 Where to stay in Amsterdam

Its true that Amsterdam is not that far from London, but regardless of the distance, there is nothing better than a warm welcome, especially when it comes with a glass of Champagne. Plus that 20 mins I sat down with the receptionist, and I really feel bad for forgetting her name, really helped set a tone for my trip and keep me organised.

I planned my itinerary right there, allowing myself a piece of mind for the rest of my city break. Staying organised when you have a limited amount of time makes it so much more helpful. I will also share all the must-dos in Amsterdam in my next post to help save you some time.

My booking stated a spacious city suite which came with a large bed, TV, spacious desk, wardrobe and a sofa that extends into an additional bed should you need more space. I was on my own, so I didn’t need it, but I provided a great place to lounge around and enjoyed extra Champagne that I found in my room.

Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-11 Where to stay in AmsterdamAlbus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-2 Where to stay in AmsterdamAlbus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-6 Where to stay in Amsterdam Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-10 Where to stay in Amsterdam Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-13 Where to stay in Amsterdam

The sultry vibe made me wish I was there with a boyfriend because it would’ve made my trip that much more special. The hotel was so kind to provide a keg of Heineken too, which came in so handy after a long day of exploring beautiful streets and canals of Amsterdam.

I had breakfast every morning at the Senses restaurant, which was served a continental buffet style. In the evening, Senses serves tasting menus where Chef Lars Bertelsen specialises in creating unconventional 4-7 course menus using seasonal and local ingredients.

Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam-3 Where to stay in Amsterdam Albus-Design-Hotel-Amsterdam Where to stay in Amsterdam

My stay at the Albus hotel was more than enjoyable, and it made my stay so special and comfortable. I felt like I saw a lot more of the city than on my previous visits, and I would love to return and stay here again.

Are you planning a visit to Amsterdam anytime soon?

Tania xxx


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