With love from Paris

Happy Friday lovelies!!

This week has gone by so quick and instead of my usual beauty post I’m going to share another one from Paris. I’m going to Mallorca today for 10 days and I will need to put the beauty posts on hold for a week or so as I won’t have fast enough broadband and we all know what that means for uploading videos to Youtube.

Anyway if you find yourself in Paris on the first Sunday of the month or if you are planning a trip, I recommend you visit the first week of the month as many museums including the Louvre are free to the public, which is great if you are looking to spend a day expanding your cultural horizons in Paris. That’s exactly what Siobhan and I did at around 10 am on Sunday morning; we headed to the Louvre to visit the iconic Monalisa and, of course, all the other beautiful paintings, sculptures and art. Ohh my God you guys, the Louvre is huge and you can easily spend a day exploring all the beautiful art and history, so much so that you won’t even notice how time flies.

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-19 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-121 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-210 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-41 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-51 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-61 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-71 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-81 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-91 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-131 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-102 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-111 With love from Paris

After browsing through so many centuries of the amazing art, you will probably feel hungry so the best thing to do is head up the avenue De L’Opéra towards Pierre Herme Macaroons and Chocolate boutique and treat yourself to some luxurious macaroons. They don’t come cheap as a box of 7 is just under 20 Euros however they taste divine and are worth every cent.

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-281 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-261 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-271 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-251 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-241 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-371 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-381 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-391 With love from Paris

We also walked to Pont des Arts where to my surprise most of the love locks were gone. This is because half of the bridge was collapsing under the weight of thousands of love locks. I did blog about it the first time around so you guys can take a look here.

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-161 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-171 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-181 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-191 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-201 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-211 With love from Paris

We walked by the river towards the Eifel Tower just because it has to be done when in Paris, I had an ice cream and we people watched for a little while.

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-141 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-221 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-231 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-291 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-301 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-311 With love from Paris

After this, we headed back to the hotel as it was already 5 pm but we decided just before the dinner to visit Palais Royale where Siobhan helped me shoot an outfit. It’s such a lively place with a lot of kids and people just hanging around but it’s definitely worth seeing as its inner courtyard is mesmerising and it also contains Daniel Buren’s site-specific art piece Les Deux Plateaux, known as Les Colonnes de Buren or the candy-striped black-and-white columns of different heights poking up from the courtyard’s floor like sticks of seaside rock. To some, this installation can be read as an exploration of the perception and intellectual projection of space, well according to Wikipedia at least.

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-361 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-351 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-321 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-341 With love from Paris

Cool-things-to-do-in-Paris-331 With love from Paris

All in all just walking around Paris is an adventure and I loved every minute of it. If you watch my vlog then you can see the places we went to little better.

I hope you guys enjoy these posts as I have a few more I’ll be posting when back from Mallorca.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Lots of love!
Tania xxx


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