36 Hours in Newcastle

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!

If you follow me on Instagram then you are aware that I and my best friend Kinza headed to Newcastle for the Easter weekend. Since we had few days off from work we decided to do something different and head over to the Geordies capital.

We were really active and I wanted to share a few spots that I really liked and that are worth of visiting if you are in the area. I have also filmed my first vlog so do check it out and I really hope you guys like it 🙂

Well, lets get to it!!

I’m a firm believer that if you visit a place you should try to do something that locals so we decided that before even having any brunch we should treat ourselves to a full on spray tan since this is the biggest thing in Newcastle. We booked ourselves in at RB Salon on Mistletoe Road (click HERE for their website) not knowing what to expect since we never had spray tans done in the past. I have to admit it was really fun and we didn’t look orange at all which was one of my biggest concerns 🙂
The staff were so lovely and polite and we were really pleased with the results.


After that, we headed over to Jam Jar which was only across the road for some long-awaited brunch. We walked a fair amount without any breakfast and you can only imagine how excited we were that burgers were the best option. I opted for a pulled chicken and chorizo burger and Kinza went for a more traditional choice of a beef burger with a side of sweet potato fries. OMG, it was so good and tasty that I highly recommend this place. The atmosphere was also lovely as it wasn’t too busy whilst we were there as it only started to fill out with early drinkers after we finished our meal. Cocktails too were only £5 and so delicious. I would say that this is definitely my number 1 place throughout the whole trip. We didn’t have time to stay too long but I would imagine that this spot would be perfect for drinks before you hit the town.

IMG_1450 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1449 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1453-940x529 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1458-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1459 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1460 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1461-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1462-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1463-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1472 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1479-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1474-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1476-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1477-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1480-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle


After brunch, we headed home to change before heading to Baltic for some more drinks. Baltic is located just by the Millennium Bridge and it’s a contemporary art center with a cool rooftop bar and a restaurant. Since we were really full from our Jam Jar experience, we decided to share a nice bottle of wine and watch the sunset. I must admit weather was really nice so the views were absolutely stunning. The place is surrounded by glass walls so it was a perfect spot to sightsee, if you are limited with time. The service was lovely but we found this to be the case everywhere in Newcastle as the folk are so friendly. Really loved it.

IMG_1538-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1579-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1587-940x529 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1590-940x529 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1592-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1624-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1593-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1598-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1612-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1614-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1617-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1601 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1611 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1600-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle


After drinks and cool views we headed home for yet another outfit change, as you do. This time, we put our heels and dresses on to hit the town in style. We decided to have some drinks at Bijoux followed by dancing at House of Smith. I must admit we were really disappointed with Bijoux and didn’t want to waste more than 15 minutes drinking there. Everyone seemed underaged and the bar did not live up to my expectations. Without much discussion, we made our way to House of Smith which was much more fun than Bijoux. Cool crowd, amazing atmosphere and decent music as well as entertainment acts including fire eaters and my favourite Saxophone player (he was so gorgeous) and talented of course. We stayed until the end which is really in our fashion and we had an amazing night.

IMG_1689-940x529 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1639-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1641-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1643 36 Hours in Newcastle


You can only imagine a headache and carb cravings we had the next day so we decided to head to Gusto which is a really cool Italian restaurant located in Quayside just by the river Tyne. Started our lunch with Bloody Mary’s of course followed by a full plate of pasta in my case and big Rib Eye for Kinza, we also decided to have Beetroot, Pear and Goats Cheese salad which is one of my favourite salads ever. The restaurant was really lovely, food so delicious and staff nothing but overly friendly and we didn’t expect anything else. We started chatting to a manager who suggested that we head over to the beach in South Shields as she said it was only 20 minutes by Metro.

IMG_1668 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1675 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1674 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1673 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1671 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1670-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1657 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1658 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1659 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1660 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1666-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1650 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1649 36 Hours in Newcastle


Since it was so hot and sunny we decided that is actually a great idea. We made our way back to the City and hopped on Metro to South Shield but somehow ended up at Seaburn which is also a beach but in Sunderland. I think we took a wrong train but nonetheless it was absolutely gorgeous and not overly far from Newcastle. It was so beautiful you guys and I was so surprised by how sunny and warm it was the whole day. Kinda decided to have a swim but I just relaxed on the beach people watching, it was so lovely that I had to share it.

IMG_1679-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1680-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1681-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle IMG_1685-940x626 36 Hours in Newcastle

Overall Newcastle did surprise us as we didn’t have a lot of expectations. People and I mean everyone was so friendly and lovely that this is definitely one of my favourite things about the trip. Food and drinks are really cheap so if you have a couple of days and looking to change the scene that does give Newcastle a try as I’m sure like us you won’t be disappointed.Please leave any comments that you may have as I love hearing from you.

Tania xxx


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