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I’m so happy this week now that the sun is finally out! I’m out a lot and must apologise for the lack of a post on Monday 🙂 completely forgot about it on Sunday since I got a little merry in the park with friends.

Anyways, I thought to share this cute little family run Italian restaurant that I stumbled across in St Pauls. A few of my favourite girlfriends all work in St Pauls so I do like to frequently visit this area.

I use them as an excuse but I also like to come and shop at One Exchange since it’s never too crowded and all the shops stock up good clothes and there is a good variety of high street and luxury plus the sights are to die for.

St-Pauls--940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta St Pauls based on Foster Lane just off the Cheapside (click HERE for the Map) is a perfect little spot if you are after a decent meal at a good price. The have various offers available at present which makes it that slightly easier. The restaurant was spread over 3 floors, the top floor which looked like a cute little conservatorium had the warmest atmosphere and it’s a perfect date spot. The other two floors were also quite relaxing with dim candle lights throughout and paintings of Italy. The staff were super friendly and attentive and the best of all it won’t break your bank in the slightest.

Rucoletta--940x1253 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls--940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-3-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

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Rucoletta-St-Pauls-20-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-21-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

All the dishes are homemade and the restaurants prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients which translates even in their pasta dishes such as Scialatielli Mare which I decided to go for which is home made fresh long pasta with king prawns, tiger prawns, squid, clams, mussels, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and white wine. My friends went for a less modest portion of Linguine All`Aragosta which is Linguine with ½ lobster, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, brandy and lobster bisque. Please click HERE to see the full menu.
I feel every time I dine Italian I must go for 3 courses as I’m slightly obsessed with Tiramisu weirdly enough. I also opted for these succulent fresh cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil and one with sautéed mixed peppers, black olives and capers bruschetta. I did take quite a few pictures to show you guys.

Rucoletta Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-1 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-2 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-4-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-5-940x627 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-6-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-7-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-8-940x627 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-9-940x627 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-13-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-10-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-11-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-14-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

Rucoletta-St-Pauls-15-940x626 Rucoletta St Pauls

All in all the food was so delicious that my tummy was well pleased and the only thing I could say that the menu was lacking off is the perhaps couple of more vegetarian and meat options. However, I think that homemade food originating from Naples is predominately seafood.

Do make sure you check out Rucoletta if you are after a decent Italian meal in one of the most famous London locations.



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