My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai

If you read one my latests post, you will know how much I enjoyed exploring the food scene of Chiang Mai. Since we based our stay in Nimmana, a rather lively area packed with Instagram worthy cafes, bars and restaurant that we enjoyed visiting.

Since nomad life is a big thing in Chiang Mai, I really felt like this was one of my facvourite cities I went to in South East Asia. The lively scene means that you are spoilt for choice especially if you are into Vegan lifestyle. My only regret was that I didn’t have more time to spend in Chiang Mai but I really left with a wish to come back and further experience the lifestyle of this amazing place.

I did quite a bit of research before arriving so I made a list of the most Isntagram worthy cafes to visit. I decided to pick top 3 as we were there for 3 days only. However there are so many more that I cant wait to go to more next time Im at this side of the world.

The Barn Eatery and Design

The Barn was the first spot we went to, located aprox 30 min walk from Nimanna. As soon as we arrived we knew that we made such a good choice and felt super excited about taking pictures here. The Barn is quite popular with subtends and younger crowds and its perect if you are looking for a quiet spot to have one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted. I drink a lot of coffee so trust me when I say this. The space wasn’t the biggest but big enough for you to enjoy yourself. They have a lovely garden too which is just a little bigger than the inside and decorated with so manu plants and quirky furniture. Since we were traveling the entire day, we felt quite puckish and decided to have a curry. Food was so delicious too and quite flavoursome, perhaps little bit more on a spicy side which is to be expected from a Thai Green Curry. All in all, should you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai, please visit the Barn as I promise you will love it as much as we did.

Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_ My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-2 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang MaiTHE-BARN My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang MaiInstagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-4 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai


Rustic&Blue was just around the corner from our apartment and a perfect spot to have a refreshing drink and a big salad on a hot day. The staff were so friendly and put up with all of my photo requests. There is a massive garden with cute neon signs that it will satisfy anyones Instagram need. I took my best pictures here and have 3 to post but will have to throw back them as I have so much content to go through. I mean look at that Wanderlust wall, its so fitting with the vibe I want to be surrounded with. We both had vegan dishes here and I opted for falafel salad and Adela had falafel tacos. We both had coffee and fruit flavored lemonades that I really have to admit that if I lived in Chiang Mai, Rustic&Blue would definitely be my local as I literally love every single detail about this place.

Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-7-1 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-5 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-8 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-6 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai

Into the Woods

Into the Woods is one of the cutest little cafes we stubled upon and I promise that it will meet any of your fairy tale requests. As soon as we walked in we felt like we couldn’t figure whether we jumped out Hansel and Gretel or the Red Riding Hood. Since I had a red dress on, I couldn’t resist taking a photo with infront of the Red Ridinghood wallpaper. However, it wasn’t the interious of Into the Woods, it was Kim, a friendly and amazing owner who welcomed us in the warmest way and made our visit so much more dreamy. Kim suggested that we have a few cakes as they are so well known for their desserts. Since we didn’t really have any desserts on this trip we decided to take Kim up on her offer and go all in ordering 3 cakes and Kim added an extra piece for the good measure. The cupcke was so delicious so it was the rest of our order. We ate until we couldn’t eat anymore and iced jelly coffee was such a good choice to wash all the sugar down. Also If you order a coffee with milk here they will ask you which princess you would like to show on the top of your froth and I picked Elsa for the obvious reasons. If you have a sweet tooth and love to switch off, you must visit Into the Woods as it will make you feel like a kid again.

Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-10 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-9 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-11 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-12 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai Instagram-Worthy-Cafes-Chiang-Mai_-13 My top 3 Instagram worthy cafes Chiang Mai

Do you have a habit of checking whether the cafes you go to are Instagramable? Let me know in the comments below.

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